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  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/about/ About | Old Medicine - An anonymous Old Person who wants to share his (or her) experiences in preparing, applying, and commencing medical education. Vital Statistics: 29 yrs Old BS 2003 from a highly regarded, notoriously difficult,  undergraduate school (not that I believe this matters... that much) Began Pre-Med Courses in January of 2008, took MCAT in May 09 GPA:…
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/resource-number-1-the-msar-and-the-do-college-information-book/ Resource Number 1: The MSAR and the DO College Information Book | Old Medicine - As the application season warms up, I would like to point everyone (everyone at this point being my 10 readers per day) to the best current resource you have for applying to medical school: the MSAR and the DO College Information Book.  These publications are the key to cutting through the bullshit that you hear…
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/another-resource-the-matriculating-student-questionnaire/ Another Resource – The Matriculating Student Questionnaire | Old Medicine - Today I completed the AAMC's Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ).  I thought the survey was interesting - especially the question makeup, it seemed as though a full quarter of the questions dealt with the issue of diversity.  The other 75% dealt with the normal kind of questions you would expect - how many times did you take…
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/palm-beach-medical-college-and-for-profit-medical-education/ Palm Beach Medical College and For-Profit Medical Education | Old Medicine - As I've stated before, education is a bubble. The student loan situation in this country is making things look increasingly shaky in the world of high finance. If you weren't aware, Wall Street makes it easy for 18 year olds to secure guarantees of hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend the school of their, and their…
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/the-profit-motive/ The Profit Motive | Old Medicine - Avoid For-Profit/Online schools at all costs as you prepare to apply to medical school.
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/timeline-bs-degree-late-20s-part-i/ Timeline: BS Degree, late 20’s – Part I | Old Medicine - This is the first in a series of timelines for non-traditional students entering med school.  These timelines will cover various scenarios and present viable timelines for getting into med school. I use both personal experience and information from the web to construct them.  Please note that you should spend a good amount of time with…
  • https://oldmedicine.wordpress.com/2010/01/17/background-osteopathic-medicine/ Background: Osteopathic Medicine | Old Medicine - On the nomenclature of medicine in the United States The United States is impressive in its ability to make things complicated.  Instead of having just one type of physician like everywhere else, we have two - Doctors of Medicine (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).  MDs and DOs have, after completion of the national…

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  • Amazon Customer - Exceeded My Expectations

    I thought this would just be so-so. Instead, it's exceptional and has become my all day. every day machine. Battery life great, fit and finish top notch. Love the instant on, and the extensions and apps for chrome make the thing almost 100% a replacement for a traditional laptop. Around my office they are calling this the poor man's MacBook Air. But I actually like it better than the Air. I just can't believe how inexpensive it is. It just exudes quality.

  • K. Magoto - Great product

    I used to use this product and told myself I wasn't worth the price. Recently I found a jar with just a little left. After using it I realized I needed to continue so I found it on Amazon. I do love this product and the size I bought will last for many months.

  • torquemada - a history lesson like no other

    This and the second volume of planet rothschild are essential reads if you want to uncover the behind-the-scenes facts of events spanning the french revolution, WWI, WWII, and up to the developments we're all going through, in 2015. Also do yourself a favor and get 'mein side of the story'. all 3 books mentioned in my review are by MS King, and contain an extensive, verifiable bibliography demonstrating what leftist liberal media apologists and neocon puppets alike (the irony!), would discard as revisionist anti-semitism of a conspiracy theorist. Nothing but primary sources from the actors of the events themselves, were used to condemn them. Important events were highlighted and the reader is left to draw conclusions as some coincidences were just too well... coincidental (the WWI plague which came from America)!

  • Cindy Franks - Perfect fit

    Easy to install, fit perfectly in my 98 Expedition. Makes my after-market stereo look like it was made for the space, plus I get an extra slot underneath the stereo which holds my iPhone and music USB.

  • Lysa Ann - It ate my skin!!!

    This stuff literally ate my skin off. I followed the directions, and when I rinsed my face, my skin felt very VERY rough. I looked in the mirror and I had lots of little pieces of skin sticking up on my face. I immediately used a natural, fragrance free moisturizer, hoping it would help. It didn't. It took 3 days for my skin to return to somewhat normal. It freaked me out A LOT, and I'll never put this on my face again.

  • Consumer Gal - Not impressed

    Firstly, the cream has a horrible odor. My representative told me that was because it was 'all natural plant extracts without any chemicals or perfumes'. Whoa...what kind of plant? I couldn't tolerate that under my nose every night. I seriously felt sick to my stomach.