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  • hots2trotsky - Health risk for the family

    Prior to purchasing this product I would recommend entering "pfoa lawsuit dupont" into your preferred search engine. After reading up on the topic it's clear to me that I don't want to expose my family to these kinds of toxins. You can decide for yourself but in my opinion it's frightening that they can even sell this stuff considering what we know about it.

  • Jack A Ruff - Radio connection issue

    I found the camera plug did not fit my non nav radio in my 2014 Prius 2. Need an adapter plug so 2014 and 15 are not the same.

  • Shelly - Strong smell and no deatangling

    I bought this and the rosemary conditioner when there was lice going around my daughter's school. So far, she has not had lice so hopefully it is doing its job! I do not like the strong smell, and I was hoping this would be a detangling conditioner for my daughter's long hair. It is not. So it is not a pleasant experience to attempt to comb through afterwards.

  • Claudia - Great quality car seat

    We love this car seat! It just fits in our mazda3. It will be an easier fit once he's forward facing. Being able to easily clean is a plus. The baby had no issues adjusting from his infant seat to this car seat

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    Considering this is not a first edition, the number of small errors in the text is breathtaking. The writing is cumbersome and compared to the many other similar texts, this one is a must-miss. If you are an instructor, please look elsewhere for the sake of your students.

  • Mohammed Faheem Khan - If it is to be - It is upto Me

    Amway, as a company is much criticized. Every second person's view you take would be negative, not only that they would even to go an extent of warning you not to burn your fingers in the hot soup they have already experienced.