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  • Honest Reviewer - Read the reviews before you purchase.

    I received this wall mount at a discount for my honest review and I have a duty to the amazon community to deliver just that. I couldn't leave my TV up on the wall for more than a day, even after all the brain wracking it took to install. I don't think it would have held longer than 5 days and I was terrified that it would drop and hurt tone of my kids. As previous reviewers stated, there's an error in the manual. I had to read the reviews to figure out which bit to use. I was really hoping the lower reviews were exaggerations but I have to agree. I am not able to put my word on this product.

  • Larissa - Made me hormonal

    I didn't notice a huge difference in my milk. After using it for 2 days, I noticed huge emotional changes. I at first I thought it was something else, so I quit everything I was taking, and just started taking this again by itself. It did the same thing, it made me cranky, irritable, and mirrored PMS emotions. I wouldn't recommend this, especially if you are easily effected by anything that my control your hormones. I feel like I wasted $35

  • Gerber Baby 1976 - Alexa Riley

    Absolutely love everything she writes. Most are novellas and are quick, fast, passion filled and love at first sight. But they make you smile, laugh and cry. Can't wait for her first full length novel coming in December!!

  • John (no favoritism honest review) - This camera worked good for me but the usb did not utilize av ...

    This camera worked good for me but the usb did not utilize av out, only the hdmi, quality is there so are the options, its a great little cam,

  • HunnyBear - Book Mainly about the BIBLE

    When I first bought this book, I thought it would mainly be about the subject of 2012 research. When I got to the middle of the book, the author was mainly preaching about the bible, and why we should ONLY get our answers from the BIBLE, and not from 2012 researchers/authors of 2012 books. He calls it the 2012 craze. It seems the author believes that what is said by scientist, researchers, Nostradamus, new agers, and the mayans is all crazy talk nonsense. He means well, and seems like a good Christian Man, but he needs to be more open minded to other possibilities, and similarities to other religions, researchers, Nostradamus, Hopi, and the Mayans. The ancients, Nostradamus, etc was warning us of a catastrophic future if we don't live in peace with each other & the earth (climate/global warming). We should take all of these warnings very serious if we want to continue living here on earth, and continue future generations.

  • jpard2357 - Dulls The Finish

    Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner dulls the finish on the floor. My floors are hardwood that have been sanded and finished with urethane to a satin finish. Bona or Murphy's really dulls the finish of the floors. Pledge Floor Care Squirt and Mop leaves a nice, satin shine to the floor but shows footprints no matter how long you let it dry. Sigh, is there any wood floor product out there that works?

  • Sandra T. Kelley - Introduced at my beauty salon

    I first purchased this through my hair dresser. I thought the cost was too much but loved the product. Absolutely, delighted to find it on amazon. This really conditions my hair after shampooing with a minimum of product. My hair is silky, shiny, and healthy with 12 Benefits Hair Treatment.