Oakley Veterinary Service - We are a veterinary medical facility, providing services to pets in Oakley, KS and surrounding areas.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great touch interface on the navigation screen

    Was trading in a 10yo Honda Odyssey Touring for something smaller and more gas efficient. I had all but given up on getting all the amenities that I'd become used to, until I found the Subaru Outback. It has a sporty look but the interior meets my need for luxury. The eyesight feature is state of the art, and I have become quite dependent on it. Great touch interface on the navigation screen, comfortable seats and the gas mileage I needed. I can't imagine myself in anything but a subaru from now on.

  • M. Mallouhi - They changed their licensing to a regionbased

    I bought six licenses (two boxes) and then I discovered (after 5 years of using kaspersky) that I can't install it in my computers in Germany... It's only for USA. What a waste of money. I could buy Norton or Macafee whiout this stupid problem. Good bye Kaspersky... I won't buy this product anymore.

  • P. Myers - needs glue, insulation and caulking

    This is not going to be weather proof. I just put it together and can already see where I will need to caulk and close openings around the underside of where the roof meets the sidewalls. If you live in a place like I do where the wind and rain blow sideways you will have to do some preventative measures to keep your pet dry. The vents at each end will also let in water and can not be closed. I got this dog house for a big tomcat that no one can catch or tame. I was hoping this house would keep both his food and bedding dry during our monsoon rains and winter snows. It is big enough to hold a small insulated dog house for him to sleep in and still have plenty of room for food and water. As a primary dog house I think this product is unacceptable without adding insulation and caulking unless you live in perfect sunny year around climate.

  • Ralph N. Rodriguez - Lucky Peach = Brain Candy

    This is one great journal. I loved it enough to subscribe. If you love great food and great & thoughtful writing about food then this is a journal for you too. I read this thing cover to cover and learned some really important tips to tweak my own cooking experience(s).

  • DEEP AGARWAL - Excellent

    Easy to understand by my 4 year old son... love it.... he can read it now.. he love reading books..

  • Rainbow911 - Mostly as advertised

    Works MOSTLY as advertised. The chopper is great and a nice replacement for my mini chopper. The individual cup blenders do in fact blend most everything to a liquid form. The individual cups blade works VERY fast; with only a 2-3 second pulse can grind a cup of ice to shavings. It does leave a very fine pulp for solid foods, such as carrots, but otherwise does very well. The big blender works but does NOT blend solids to a liquid form like the individual cups do. Commercials advertise using the blender exactly the same as the cups, but that's not accurate. It works pretty much as your average blender would work. If you're trying to make a health shake with veggies and fruits, use the cups because the blender will not do the job. The great thing about the blender blade design is that it blend thicker substances together, where as a regular blender blade would just spin in the bottom without combining the whole product.