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  • Nicky and Hannah - I love this mat

    I love this mat. This is not the first Fiskar's mat I have purchased and it will not be the last. The size is perfect for most projects and the self healing function is excellent. I would recommend turning the mat periodically though, as this helps extends the life of it.

  • Joedy McCreary - I wanted to like it, but ...

    I wanted to like this. I really did. But a couple of flaws popped up, no pun intended. First, when the machine tossed a ball, it would regularly clip the bottom of the ball feeder, making the soft tosses very haphazard. I solved this by removing one of the sections of the feeder, though the obvious drawback was that it would only hold five balls instead of eight.

  • StudentInCali123 - Absolutely Aweful

    I've been using Visio for at least 10 years (before it was purchased by Microsoft) and it's a tool that I use every single day. My diagrams are large, complex, and utilize some of the more advanced features of Visio.

  • hey_leigh - Better for english section

    This book is better for people who need a vocabulary/english review more than math. The math section does provide many questions that might appear on the GRE, but I found another GRE book that gave a more detailed review for math (the last time I had a math class was 2004, so it's been awhile for me). The english section is excellent and it provides many vocabulary resources like a list of the top 200 words used on the GRE, a Greek/Latin root list, and a word groups section.

  • Syls - I'm happy to have this cookbook

    I'm happy to have this cookbook, and so far I like it. I even think that i like it more than Gina's first cookbook. My only criticisms are :

  • Amazon Customer - Down side you can not eat anything for 48 hrs or drink anything else besides water is recommended. I found to be irritated and s

    You definitely lose water weight! Down side you can not eat anything for 48 hrs or drink anything else besides water is recommended. I found to be irritated and suffered headaches so for me, not worth it.

  • C. Logan - Work well

    I'm very happy with these. I like the look of the steel instead of the black as well. No issues with them lighting up. I hope to attach them to some fence posts so that they stick above them for fence lighting. Nice way to illuminate along the yard when letting the dog out at night. They aren't crazy super bright, about the same as most solar lights. Glad I got them.