NPR : Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution, Pharma Drug Returns - National Pharmaceutical Returns is a industry leader in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, returns, drug disposal and destruction. We maximize your profits, eliminate waste and ensure compliance.

  • Request a Quote - National Pharmaceutical Returns is the trusted expert in pharmaceutical returns – we’re here to help you maximize profits, eliminate waste and comply with the law. As the national experts in the Rx return industry, we will help you manage this task so you have more free time – and peace of mind.
  • About Us - Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution and Disposal - NPR is all about the reverse distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacists, wholesalers, dentists, etc. all send their unused drugs back to us for refunds
  • Accreditations of NPR - Pharmaceutical Reverse Dist'n - NPR is accredited and licensed by the DEA to accept and process schedule I-V narcotics and substances. We meet national standards of medicine disposal.
  • NPR - Rx Disposal, Destruction, Storage, and Returns - Getting rid of expired drugs & medicine? NPR is a leader in pharmaceutical returns, Rx storage, waste disposal, & safe destruction. EPA and FDA compliant.
  • Environmental Sustainability - Safe Disposal of Rx - NPR - Environmental sustainability is extremely important when it comes to the disposal of pharmaceutical substances. We are DOT, EPA, FDA, OSHA, & DEA compliant.
  • Pharmacies - Return Your Drugs for Refunds & Disposal - NPR - NPR specializes in reverse distribution of Rx and controlled substance disposals & refunds. Request a quote for the safe disposal of your pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmaceutical Return Processing for Manufacturers of Rx. - NPR processes pharmaceutical returns for manufacturers, wholesalers, & retailers of Rx. We provide DEA certification of each destruction & we are EPA compliant.
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers - Rx Return Processing - NPR - NPR helps wholesalers throughout the entire pharmaceutical return process. We will store and process your recalled and indated inventory.
  • Getting the Max Refund for Your Rx - Our Mission - NPR - Your refund is our number 1 priority. We keep you informed on the status of your pharmaceutical refund and are happy to answer your questions.
  • Company History - NPR Reverse Distribution of Rx - NPR has been a national leader of pharmaceutical reverse distribution since 1995. Fully compliant and environmentally conscious for over two decades.
  • Client Testimonials - NPR - A Leader in Rx Returns & Refunds - Our customers are satisfied at National Pharmaceutical Returns. Our top notch customer service speaks for itself. Call us at any time with your inquiries.
  • Career Opportunities at National Pharmaceutical Returns - Want a chance to work at a national leader in pharmaceutical returns? Visit this page to submit your resume for consideration.
  • Batched and Non-Batched Pharmaceutical Returns - NPR - National Pharmaceutical Returns offers batched and non-batched returns. If you don't have enough to return all at once, we can store your Rx until you do.
  • Destruction and Disposal of Pharma Waste - NPR is compliant - National Pharmaceutical Returns follows the strictest policies when it comes to saving our environment from hazardous chemicals. We practice safe disposal.
  • NPR - National Leading Drug-Waste Consultants - National Pharmaceutical Returns does drug waste consulting on how to dispose of pharmaceuticals safely and properly. We partner Pharmwaste Technologies (PTI)
  • NPR - We Hold or Store Your Returned Rx & Indated Products - If your Rx hasn't expired yet, that's ok! We will hold your items for you until the manufacturer is ready to issue refunds. These products are known as indated.
  • Medical Center Bids - Request a Quote for Your Needs - NPR - Request a quote for our pharmaceutical return, refund, and disposal services. NPR is a national leader in Pharmaceutical returns, refunds, disposal, and storage.

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