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  • Beckie - Good for my health

    I have been taking the liver support for a few months now and I feel great. After reading the contents and purpose of this product I had assumed it would be a great asset to add to my daily intake and it has been.

  • Stanley - This is the best earpiece I have owned.

    I am on my second because I handled the other roughly and broke it. I did not hesitate to reorder because I use this all the time for podcasts, music and hands-free phone calls. This fits right into my ear and stays put without any additional support. Very reasonably priced. I am considering ordering spares to keep on hand in case this item for some ridiculous reason is discontinued. Highly recommended.

  • Melissa - I really enjoyed this product

    I really enjoyed this product, fit perfect, did its job and of course the look was slick. The only down side I have was that this only lasted us a year and a month. Just the other day I was cooking and talking to my husband and it just shut down. We both looked at each other and of course he tells me "What did you do"? I said really! You seen it, it just shut off in front of both of us 😒 So we tried checking it, pressing the buttons, waited a while but it never went back on. I'm very disappointed. But thank goodness we bought the protection plan. We are able to get our money back and now to look and reorder a new vent.

  • AbstractAngel - Cost prohibitive and a little off on the taste, but still good.

    I was really excited to try this product, especially since I was gettng it at a discount for my honest review. So honest review I will give. My first bad taste was realizing I had to pay for shipping in addition to the cost. Being an Amazon Prime member, I rarely pay for shipping. If I had fallen in total love with this product, then I might consider buying again, but with the cost of shipping, the price is just too high when paying full price. I do appreciate this beef jerky is sugar free. It's almost impossible to find that. However, the taste is a little off. Ironically, it's a little too sweet and not savory enough for my palate. So my final consensus is since this is virtually the only sugar free beef jerky out there, and grass fed nonetheless, I would but it again, but ONLY if the shipping was free. It just becomes too pricey for my wallet with the shipping cost and I don't love it enough. If you're fat in the wallet and want to stay sugar free and eat your jerky, go for it! It's a good product, it's tasty, despite not having the perfect sweet to savory ration and it will keep you healthy.

  • chasidy hodgkinson - My best friend is on a real health kick right now

    I bought this at a discounted rate in trade for a review. My best friend is on a real health kick right now, so it was a gift for her. She started using it and LOVES IT!!! It is heavy duty, and stands up to the wear and tear of her busy day. Clean up was a breeze. She swears I need one for I guess I am going to buy another one!!!

  • Gareth E. Tonnessen - Good handbook for any serious Access user or developer

    The book is readable with detailed instructions and screen illustrations (basically screen shots, though technically not true pictures). It has a good index, and that is essential in a book like this.

  • essee - It Works!

    I purchased my unit direct from Silk'n. I noticed hair loss after 3 treatments. I treat every other week, same day. You must shave the areas to be treated or it is much less effective. I also purchase and use numbing cream so that I can use it at a higher power.