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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Amazon Customer - Rip off

    I recently ordered an initial 4-month supply which I received last week. Upon receipt, I opened the box, read the entire insert and decided the product is not for me. Note: I did not open the actual product. There were two boxes in this shipment: one box with a 3-month supply and one box with a 1-month supply. I opened the 1-month supply box.

  • Robin - Great fun for American Muggles

    I bought this book for the recipes, but love it most for the explanations of all things British. When I read the Harry Potter books I used my imagination to try and picture the food J.K. Rowling was describing. This book clears up the mystery of what exactly foods such as treacle, pasties, and bangers are. The author also explains the origins of the food in a fun way.

  • Sean Wright - Very enjoyable article-length read

    I always enjoy Ronson's work and The Elephant in the Room showcases all of his trademark humor, storytelling ability and insight.

  • jimmyvegas - Great Travel Stroller

    Very Lightweight and it folds very small which is great when I take my family to Disney World and we are getting on and off monorails and buses and space is at a premium. The first stroller my daughter had was a combi and it broke after 3 years of heavy use. The weak point for this stroller is the plastic near the armrest which can stress, crack and eventually break but I figure any stroller that can withstand my kids abuse for 3 years is well pretty good.

  • R Loomis - Great for a small display for Halloween

    These are so cute! Great for a small display for Halloween! These lights are well made. None of the "bats" are loose and all of them withstood my de-tangling process just fine. Even if you think that you have it set up to where that won't happen, it will. LOL. It was a little more tedious to untangle these than regular mini lights, but not much. I haven't made a display outside with them yet so I did a little photo shoot inside for you to see. These are solar powered and comes with a little stake to put into the ground that holds the "solar charger". There is approximately 60" of wire from the "charger box" to the first bat light on the string, so there is a really good amount of wire to work with to get the lights from the ground onto whatever you are decorating with them, which I thought was very, very nice. Most of the time I find that not to be the case with light sets I have bought in big box stores. The lights have two (2) modes, steady and blinking/flash. There is two (2) push buttons on the under side of the "solar box", one for power "on/off" and the other for setting the mode. I really like these and find the price to be fair. I was in one of the big box stores a couple of days ago looking at their Halloween lights and found nothing comparable to this set, as far as quality or even solar powered. Not saying they aren't out there in the stores somewhere, but I haven't seen them yet. I would recommend to everyone and especially for those that need to decorate without electrical outlets.

  • Amazon Customer - Works Flawlessly

    The 2014 version of this came with the Dell computer I bought last year. I have never had a virus or spyware problem on that computer since I bought it and decided to just continue with this product. It runs seamlessly and does what it's supposed to do reliably. I had my doubts after having problems with McAfee Total Protection on my last computer. That program seemed to leak like a sieve and I had all kinds of odd problems constantly on my system that I had to clean up. I've had no problems whatsoever with this product and the protection it provides. AAAAAA++++++

  • Amazon Customer - Inexpensive. Difficult to use.

    This was a 2-star experience, but due to what may be user idiocy, I gave an extra star. I've used music software before, so I thought I can pick this up quickly, but no... Maybe that's because I've been a long-time Mac user; therefore, using a PC installed with a Windows operating system adds to the pain. At least this installed on a Windows 10 machine.