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  • The Doug - greatest stuff ever

    This seasoning is great. I use it on chicken on the grill and it keeps the meat juicy and tender. It has a wonderful taste. I even use it on other meats, not just chicken. But with chicken it is the best. Would recommend this to anyone. try it you will like it. I use it on baked chicken in the oven as well. almost like a shake and bake but better. LOve it!!!!!!

  • M. Herholz - Best Guitar Learning Program on the Market!

    My girlfriend bought this for me as a Christmas gift, one of the best Xmas gifts ever I might say. I've been playing guitar on and off for about 30 years. Took lessons here and there, would consider myself an intermediate player at best. If this had been around when I started playing, I suspect I would be a much better guitar player. My playing has improved in the time I've used this software.

  • A Customer - So far I love these

    So far I love these and I use them often. They are easy to clean, can be used in the oven as well as on the stovetop and cook up food very quickly. The teflon coating is substantial unlike so many sets I have gone through in the last few years. I can cook with very little oil or water on low heat without burning. One previous set I had actually had such a thin coat of teflon inside that it literally peeled into the hot food leaving black clumps in my soup. Gross! This set seems miles above that one even though the price is very similar. I also love that the handles and lids have rubber on them making them easy to handle when hot. I have used these in the oven and they work well there too. The lids fit well and the set overall seems to be holding up extremely well so far. I have had them for a month and used them a lot. I will be ordering more as time goes on. Very happy with this purchase and the price is very reasonable considering the quality. Best set for the money is all I can say.

  • JL Dice - A clumsy painter's best friend

    As a clumsy (like, get kicked out of stores because you've accidentally knocked over two displays while trying to pick up the original display you knocked over, so a total of 3 displays have now been left in your wake-clumsy) person who loves nail painting, this has been a gift sent down from Cedric Diggory himself. I love this thing! I haven't been able to spill nail polish once, and that is a feat and a miracle. Even if you're not ultra clumsy, it's just a convenient helper when nail painting.

  • Sandy - Don't waste your money!

    This stuff does not work at all! Even with the minimally amount of build up we have in our toilets, it didn't even touch it. I would not recommend purchasing this product!