Angular Cheilitis - All You Need To Know | How To Treat Angular Cheilitis Effectively: 5 Tips In Angular Cheilitis Treatment - You have cracks at the corners of your mouth. They are painful and itchy, bringing you discomfort when eating or speaking. You may be having angular cheilitis

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  • Linda Dwyer - Texturizing Taffy achieves just that

    This is the finishing touch to my hair do at home. It separates and makes my very thick hair have a good professional looking texture without a greasy feel. I do apply it every day, covering the tip of my finger, without a visible build up for as long as six days.

  • Robert Schaefer - Works great but the price went up 3 times!!!

    This soap is great BUT I paid $18.50 for 13.5 oz. about 3 months ago and now it is $55. I think this is a little ridiculous. This soap is great BUT not work that much in my opinion. Hopefully, the people who make this lower the price or they will lose a lot of customers including me. I will still give 4 stars as it does work on helping with foot health.

  • SeraphimBooks - Don't buy this software

    Purchased the antivirus for two computers. Worst decision I have made regarding software. Completely destroyed one PC and brought the blue screen on windows 8. Wasn't able to log in and had to reformat to initial settings. Second PC had no internet connection even after I uninstalled the software. Played with internet settings for over 2 hrs until I restored.

  • stickytomatoes - Disappointed

    I'm not sure if I just got a 'bad batch' this last time, because I've ordered this in the past as a safeguard if I couldn't cleanse normally in a 30-day period. In case I got "the call" it was supposed to act as a failsafe. On my scheduled day, I was still a little dirty and just wanted to make sure everything was A-OK. I have reputable at-home tests that I buy from Amazon in bulk to track my progress each day leading up to my scheduled test. This last drink did not alter the results either way after using as directed.

  • chimpandroid - No more "I can't remember"

    I don't use Choline supplements daily. I use them on an as needed basis. I don't like to be dependent on taking choline every day as the body doesn't produce that much and I believe will stop altogether if you supplement with it daily. I have tried many different pre-made Nootropic formulas. I am very partial to my own. That is why this Alpha GPC is good. I can add it or skip it as needed. It does seem to give an added boost on those days I need it. And by boost I mean it's easier to find that word I was looking for and the point I was trying to make is much more precise. Another reason I don't like being dependent on Choline or Alpha GPC in particular is it is very expensive. This VitaMonk Alpha GPC at $30 a bottle is right in the mid price range of comparable size/mg bottles. I received this one at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Robert Nagle - worth reading and rereading--savvy advice

    Richard Bolles has published a new version of this book every year. I read it first in college and used it extensively when I worked as a career counselour. I also used it for career seminars. I can honestly say that every edition seems to be quite different from previous versions, so it is not a waste of money at all to buy a more recent version. (the most recent editions seem to talk about online job search, appropriately enough)As a writer, I can admire his work for its readability, sense of humor and gritty realism. Bolles tells some remarkable stories and while not directly applicable to your career area, they make you aware of how similiar job searching is regardless of your field. Before reading this, you should be aware of what this book is NOT: it does not provide resume advice nor does it provide very much advice about general trends in the job market. This book is a sobering dose of reality, but the interesting thing is that the reader finds this information heartening rather than disappointing because it unmasks many of the treacherous parts of the job search process. As such, this book is a great gift for a loved one who is out of work. It will make them feel good about themselves, and that is good, because a lot of unemployed approach job searches with a chip on their shoulder.

  • M. McDevitt - No longer a Photoshop lover ... or user

    I've been a longtime user of Photoshop and other Adobe products. Or was until my purchased copy of it (CS version) suddenly told me that I had to get a re-authorization code for it from Adobe to continue using it. Reasoning in pop-up stated my computers configuration had changed. (This was news to me too) Long story short, the company will no longer supply a reactivation code. I now have a useless program because of their catch-22 in their programs where they require the reactivation code, but will not supply one via internet, phone, chat, etc. They just told me I should update it as it is old.