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  • Shaun - Awesome. But i live in maine

    Bought for headlights. Wow. Awesome. But i live in maine. Dont ever let this product get cold. Well, unless u dont touch it. When a layer of rubber cement gets cold and somthinging like an ice scraper touches it, you have a layer of blurry rubber. Took me forever trying to buff off the crap i put over my lenses. Way longer than i had already spent using a lens clearing pollish. Plus to top it i had most of the product left which was cool, till it fell over. The bottle has no seal so it rubber cemented a bunch of things to the bottom of a drawer for me. Maybe its ok on other stuff that u dont plan on touching.

  • Amazon Customer - Just buy it!

    I am an 'Age Grouper' triathlete on a shestring budget so every dollar I spend needs to be spent wisely. I have been traing hard for 5 years and tried MANY training devices. The MOOVE now is by far my most important training tool. Its all about the data and nothing does it wuite like it. I can't wait to see the future improvements Im sure will only enhance the user experience. If you just 'need to know' where your at and how to get to where you want to be. Buy this as you will not be dissappointed!!

  • Yada - Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee

    Organo Gold Gourmet is one of the best coffees I have had. The flavor is smooth and I enjoy its dietary function. I have also tried the Latte and it's pretty great also. Bit pricey but you have to prioritize your spending. I find that I decrease the amount of sweetener I would ordinarily use when I drink the Latte. Yes I would purchase the product agin.

  • STACY L SMITH - Great Product!

    My son's face began clearing up a week after starting these. But the taste ... he says is AWFUL. But he likes the change in his skin, so he knows it's working and just does what he needs to do to get them down.

  • Ryley Northrop - Helped me out!

    I received a free sample of their prenatal drink, and really enjoyed the flavor and ease of remembering to take my prenatal viatims (it's much easier for me to drink this than remember to take those viatims). . I popped the oacket into my purse and just added it to my water bottle. The flavor tasted good and I was curious about their other products. I have a very low-milk supply, so I ordered this and it was the same as the prenatals-easy to drink and I noticed a small difference in my milk supply a few days after starting it. I also diluated my packet so that I was upping my liquid intake. Overall, very happy with this product!

  • Glenda Brown - Minerals and vitamins are important!

    I read it. The book was different than I expected, but a learned quite a bit. Haven't finished listening to the CD yet, but hope to soon. I believe Dr. Wallach knows his subject well, from the "inside out."