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  • coloringyourvision - Invest in this movie as an 85% stand alone and view as such.

    I love this movie! I went to the movies in 1996 to watch the first one. And, I am glad to say that I own both of the movies. I wasn't going to write a review. But, I have to! I DO NOT understand what folks want from an A-C-T-I-O-N A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E movie. This movie delivers as a sequel and a stand alone movie...even with the references from the 1996 blockbuster. I hope that they do another one! Because this one delivers exactly what it needs to. I don't go into plot lines and story and all the other stuff that the professional reviewers do. I just say that you should buy it or not! If you didn't go see it at the movies. And, you do not want to invest in the digital copy. AND, you do not want to purchase a dvd...then, at least, wait until the movie comes out in the Redbox and the other "boxes," and invest less than two dollars and decide. This "remake.;" The Ghostbusters "remake;" The Terminator "remake;" And, The Thing "remake," (which is not a remake of John Carpenter's The Thing--it is an ongoing legacy of the original--That is why John Carpenter put his name on his "remake" of the original)... All of these reboots and "remakes" do exactly what they are supposed to do. They drive the movie forward, with the technology available to them today, and the filmmakers, in turn, make a really good movie that is worth the effort for those watching to allow these NEW MOVIES to stand alone and be judged based upon what is on the screen now, not what was years ago!!! Independence Day: Resurgence is WORTH THE FIVE STARS, and worth your time as a viewer. I highly recommend!

  • T.rex - Great product, but over-priced

    I bought a half dozen of these for Christmas gifts to hand out around the office... They do yield exceptional quality, but i can't help but note the hefty price tag.... You can get nearly as good quality for a lesser cable priced at $599.

  • Amazon Customer - great series

    always wonderful books. this was a gift for my daughter in law and the short format is perfect for her as she works a lot

  • noscoaz - Why can't USA have this stuff!!!!

    I was in China with a MONSTER of an ear infection, I had gone deaf due to inner and outer ear infection. My doctor gave me this to relieve the liquid in my ears and sinus pressure. It is made in Germany and they know what they are doing!! This is awesome stuff! It makes your mouth taste a bit like pine needles but it works and it also is NATURAL, not paint thinner like other American over the counter sinus medication. No harsh decongestants or antihistamines. Wonderful, highly recommend regardless that it is pricey! It is worth every penny!!