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  • My Story | Nail Biter's Toolkit - Hi! My name is Travis Grubesky. I was a nail biter for 15 years. I was frustrated, upset, embarrassed and just plain tired of the nail biting habit and how it
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  • Jaybee - Great Stuff!

    Great Stuff!! Most Test booster give me headaches or stomach cramps, but test freak is a very clean T booster and I got some nice gains off this stuff!!

  • Clinton Coe - Only water conditioner I use

    Prime is the best water conditioner I have ever used and it the only one I will use on my tank. It conditions the water and doesn't effect pH. It won't kill your biomedia either. A lot goes a long way too; a cap full conditions 5 gallons of water. It seems a bit pricey but it really isn't because you use so little of it, a 500ml bottle lasts me a year. I highly recommend this product.

  • DAN GRAY - Looks better than the real thing

    I could never give up a child for a TV! That's madness! So instead what my wife and I have been doing is just giving up bits of our children. Do you know what you can get for a healthy functioning child's kidney or lung in today's market? Well let me tell ya, it's been a real goldmine. So now we have the Samsung (love it!), a Tesla model S (couldn't swing the roadster) and Seahawk season tickets! Woohoo! And just when it looked like life couldn't get any better... Carol is pregnant again! Hello kitchen remodel 2015!

  • Amazon Shopper - Cold, but not ICE cold

    The Cooper Cooler definitely chills beverages to a drinking temperature as promised. It took the machine three minutes to chill a beer to the same temperature as the ones sitting in our fridge (the manual states it only takes one minute, but we found that wasn't cool enough.) The main thing we were hoping for though was an icy cold beer, one that tastes like it was sitting in an ice chest. There is an "extra" setting that is supposed to be able to achieve this, but we tried keeping a can in there for as long as ten minutes and it never got there. We might be a bit picky about beer temperature, but I'm sure there are many people out there who are as picky as we are. :) For this reason, we are going to return the unit.