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  • Mary - Great quality!

    Excellent product, superb video quality, stealthy design choice, recently purchased this can and the KDLinks X1 both excellent cameras but the only downside I saw with this particular one was the lack of GPS. I've noticed they have another model with GPS included and might make the purchase for that one, again excellent product highly recommend if GPS isn't an issue.

  • IdaJo - This is Food for Life

    If I had to choose just one supplement this would be it. It is my life line! It help me sleep better, it gives me energy, I can think better but best of all it helped me recover faster from surgery. I love this product.!

  • Matt Schuster - Most Reliable and Effective

    I have been an avast user for many years. My IT Guru son made me aware of Avast and at first I chose their free service. In comparison to all the others and I mean I tried them all Avast is simply the best. It does not slow you down, it is intelligent when it comes to your programs' needs and intuitive to use while self-maintaining. It updates all the time without any problems. I then chose to buy Avast service because of the additional security features. The price I pay per year is small in comparison for what I get and it is a 3 PC license.

  • Andy G - Results are fantastic. Installation process was not

    I took a star away because the installation on my 2011 Challenger R/T was not as straightforward as it should have been. I believe they're aware of this, but haven't fixed it. The initial update on the computer was plagued with bugs, but after unplugging/plugging it back into the USB port it eventually "turned over" and did the self-updating. Windows wanted to take charge of the driver installation and the tuner wasn't ready for that. Just a case of car guys programming in windows, so not worth a deduction by itself. Now as far as loading it into the PCM, this is where it loses a star. It's a specially designed model for DCX cars so I expected flawless PCM integration. My car has the push button start. The installation asks you to run off and turn on the car several times like most tuners do. If you follow the prompts to the letter you will not be able to install this into your PCM. The first time it asks you to "turn off/turn on" it won't turn back on. You'll get a little red circle (indicator that there are electrical issues with the car) and literally nothing will happen. This doesn't kill the PCM, but it is panic inducing if you've ever read about the possible drawbacks of failed tuning.

  • SilverLiberty - [...]

    This humble, but immensely powerful seed, kills MRSA, heals the chemical weapon poisoned body, stimulates regeneration of the dying beta cells within the diabetic's pancreas, and yet too few even know it exists.