Dental Holidays & Cosmetic Surgery Holidays - My Body and Spirit - Dental Holidays & Plastic Surgery in Thailand. Safe, Quality & Affordable overseas dental treatments, eye surgery, plastic surgery & implants.

  • Group Surgery Holidays - Group Surgery Holidays & Dental Treatment Holidays are becoming very popular. Holiday with a small group expertly escorted by My Body and Spirit.
  • Bangkok Phuket Hospital - Bangkok Phuket Hospital - Phuket is a wonderful place for a holiday and to seek medical treatment.
  • Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok - Overseas Dental and Plastic surgery at Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok. Save thousands of $$ on overseas dental and cosmetic surgery. Safe & very high quality.
  • Phuket International Hospital - Phuket International Hospital is the leading centers for Plastic Surgery in Thailand. Founded in 1982, PIH was the first private hospital in Phuket.
  • Overseas medical treatments in Thailand - Overseas medical treatments in Thailand are affordable, convenient and safe when booking through My Body & Spirit - 35+ years travel industry experience
  • Cheap overseas dental holidays with My Body & Spirit - My Body & Spirit offer a range of cheap overseas dental treatment holidays - affordable, professional, safe & international standard.
  • Cheap overseas plastic surgery Holidays by My Body & Spirit - My Body & Spirit arrange safe, professional and cheap overseas plastic surgery holidays to suit you. From quality breast implants & reductions to Liposuction.

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