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  • Book Lover XYZ - Best of best

    Best kitchen cleaner. Baking pans, range hoods and anything with stubborn stain or grease can be cleaned with almost no effort. Just spray and wait. Then wipe/wash it off. Love this product!

  • Aquaquality Pools Spas, Inc - Not woth it!

    Overpriced! Could have just bought a fruit puree in the grocery store. I am not a firm believer of pumping my body UP with all those carbs, just to poop out five pounds.

  • MG C - Kept up at night by the models used by the justice system -- is BIG DATA at Fault?

    My husband called me to listen to this mornings Executive Edge CNBC report on "Big Data" . Once I got past the headlines seemly bent on scaring us to get our attention -- privacy and know all - be all- implications of data analysis going astray, I kept listening because it hit a nerve.

  • dtrudy - LOVE LOVE eSALON.............They now have a very happy new Customer :)

    I am puzzled by all the negative reviews? I have had a wonderful experience with this product and all the things in the package to do a professional job on my hair. First let me say, I hate coloring my hair. It is a long and tedious job. In my financial hay day, I always went to a stylist to have my hair done. I am 50 now and unable to work because I am raising my 3 grandsons, so money is tight. I have been coloring for 35 years, premature gray and experimental. So now I have about 40% gray and because I hate coloring, I avoid it as long as possible and wear my hair in a ponytail. I am naturally a dark brunet with red highlights. Well if I do not buy an ash colored brown, I end up looking like I have had a copper explosion on the top of my head (the gray roots). Well the store bought ash medium or dark brown did not hardly even color the gray. Very lightly and lasting only a week or two. So when I placed my order with eSalon, I was specific as to what I wanted and expected from the coverage. I followed their instructions to a tee and my hair came out magnificent. My gray is covered and looks ever so slightly like salon highlights. I colored it 3 days ago and it I will not know how long the color will last and how long the gray stays covered. Taking into consideration of the new growth of course. I would definitely recommend eSalon. You have nothing to loose, full money back guarantee or new formulation of your color request will be sent to you. On a final note, the day I colored I had a Doctor's appointment, so dressed nice and put on make up. When my husband of 28 years came home and saw me, and I quote "Damn baby you look like you did when met". I went to the Doctor (female) she told how fabulous I looked also. LOVE eSalon :)

  • Amazon Customer - Great bag except for....

    This is a great bag but with one major shortcoming, the strap closing system. It always works itself loose. The slip through steel hooks used to secure the outside also are not so great. Why didn't they just use j-hooks?

  • gregorio S. - Nice

    This game docks except for the fact that I constantly fall off the track and fail. If someone could fix that, I would five the game a 5 star review!😁

  • Jesse - Starts slow, but worth it.

    This story takes place in a world with an interesting twist on the typical "modern-day hidden fantasy creatures" world. The first few chapters felt a lot like an info-dump, and I really struggled through them. The hook finally comes around chapters 3-4, and from there it has a solid take-off, not slowing down even when it hits the end. I'm definitely looking forward to starting in on the next in the series when it's released.