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  • Lolapurple - Nicely done will be coming back for more

    The price! The Shipping! AHmazing. Came right when I needed it and I felt 100% okay opening the package. Not sketchy at all. Nicely done will be coming back for more! ZzzQuil is perfect when you just cannot seem to get to sleep and never last longer than 8 hours so no drag the next day! ZzzQuil just for sleep is exactly right! A++

  • JAK in WDC - At Last!

    I am a woman and a blonde, so you can imagine how hard it has been for me to use a pen. I would write and write and have nothing to show for it until a nice man would come by and turn the pen around in my hand so the ink thingy part was on the paper. I just know that with these pens made just for us girls I can finally just pick up a pen and write all on my own. A girl can dream, can't she?

  • Amazon Customer - Freezing bug persists

    Great camera except the current firmware is buggy and many are experiencing freezing problems (see youtube video gs6vyTdl8xM). My recommendation is to wait until it is clear that gopro has fixed the firmware... especially if you are planning on using this camera underwater. Because currently, the only way to fix the freezing bug is to temporarily remove the battery which isn't possible underwater.

  • The Mackster - I can wear flip flops again!

    I am not sure why this does not seem to work for some people but I need to share my story. About 8 years ago I stubbed my big toe and it got a fungus. Gradually over the next few years it got worse despite trying anti-fungal liquid. I pretty much kept shoes on all the time and now looking back that was probably the worse thing. It eventually spread to 6 other toes and my feet were such an embarrassment that I just kept them covered all the time. Last summer I had had enough as my feet were a complete mess so I went to the Doctor.

  • Stacy L Zachar - Simply Amazing

    This book is wonderful! Nicole tells an amazing story. She lets you in to her life in a way that inspires and entertains. I can't recommend this book enough!

  • Ethan McKenzie - I have read to my kids many times... This is an awesome book.

    This book really made my husband think that he is indeed a superhero dad to my 3 kids. There are lots of lessons to be learned here. Being honest, responsible, independent, having fun, focus, and many others. The best part, my kids wants my husband to fly with them to the moon. They are very imaginative and creative in their thinking. We took this opportunity to educate them on the moral values of life. Thanks a lot for creating such a simple, and yet wonderful book. Awesome!