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  • May-May - Soooooo Gooddddddd

    I was so happy to read the final in this series it was so good. She scared for a min I thought she took my boy out the game. That dam Macy glad she got what she deserve.

  • Mike - I like it

    My dermatologist recommended this to me, he told me to use it every night. My first order of this product tendskin was for the roll on one which I received expired. I figured I try one more time to try this out because of my dermatologist recommendation. When I put it on it does make my neck itch for a couple minutes then goes away which is annoying. However, this has worked good for me to remove the redness on my neck from shaving.

  • Jennifer - Good product!

    Used off and on whenever I'd feel my supply drop. This would help bring it back up and some very quickly to help my fridge stash. I did have to do the 2 pills 3x per day, but it wasn't bad. Does have a slight syrupy burp, but nothing compared to the nasty mothers milk tea. I do recommend this product.