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  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/understand-the-recipe The Recipe for Sexual Health - MiddlesexMD - To enjoy sex after menopause, we believe a woman needs knowledge, comfort, sensation, pelvic tone, and emotional intimacy. Focus your learning as you need to!
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/knowledge Knowledge | Women’s Health | Sex After 40, Menopause | Painful Sex - MiddlesexMD - Women’s health starts with knowledge. Aging changes tissues, sensitivities, and responsiveness. Learn more about painful sex, sex after 40, sex after menopause.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/comfort Vaginal Dilators | Natural Vaginal Moisturizer, Dryness Treatment - MiddlesexMD - Lowered estrogen levels effects vaginal comfort. Natural vaginal moisturizers, lubricants, vaginal dryness treatments, and vaginal dilators can restore comfort.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/sensation Sensation | Vibrators For Women | Using a Vibrator - MiddlesexMD - As we age, we may need more stimulation to achieve sexual satisfaction. A personal vibrator or clitoris vibrator can increase sensation and help achieve orgasm.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/tone Pelvic Tone | Kegel Products | Vaginal Weights | Kegel Exercise Tools - MiddlesexMD - Kegel exercise tools encourage circulation and strengthen orgasm. Kegel products, vaginal weights, and more that improve your pelvic tone and sexual health.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/intimacy Emotional Intimacy | Sex After 40, 50 and Beyond | Sex After Menopause - MiddlesexMD - You can have intimate sex after 40, sex after 50, and beyond. Bonding and mindfulness can improve sex after menopause, building emotional intimacy as you age.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/blogs/drbarb MiddlesexMD - Dr. Barb DePree writes about women's sexual health, sex after menopause, and what women can do to stay comfortable and engaged in pleasurable intimacy.
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/sex-after-breast-cancer Sex after breast cancer - MiddlesexMD - Recovery from breast cancer is a long and challenging road that frequently involves making peace with lots of change—different bodily sensations, altered abilit
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/meet Meet the Founder of MiddlesexMD,Dr. Barb DePree - I am Dr. Barb DePree, M.D., a gynecologist and women’s health provider for almost 30 years and a menopause care specialist for the past ten. I was named the 201
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/about-us Our Credo - MiddlesexMD - We founded MiddlesexMD on one core set of beliefs: We believe that as we age, women, whatever their lifestyle or preferences, have the right to fully enjoy thei
  • https://middlesexmd.com/pages/other-voices-we-like Other Voices We Like - MiddlesexMD - Recommended resources on women's sexual health, menopause education, midlife, community, and support.
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    Escape Clause by John Sanford is another wonderfully entertaining, absorbing, and compelling police procedural. Virgil Flowers is the unorthodox Minnesota based Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent who is always involved in weird and dangerous crimes.

  • Michael C. - If you like wallet cases, this is great for the money!

    When I first received it, the case was a bit stiff, but then loosens up after a week or so. Case is sturdy, looks sleek and professional, and has 3 pockets for credit cards, IDs, etc. and one larger pocket where I can stash some cash. Personally I like the magnetic flap that holds the case closed and sometimes I use it to help stabilize the phone when taking pictures. Not sure why the back of the plastic phone holder that the phone clips into has a rubbery feeling to it like for grip especially when I have never needed to hold the phone by that part. So far, the case has no signs of wear.

  • Ron Malinowski, Jr. - this works

    I think I have had good success using this for athletic foot type inches or even jock itch. it has been a better solution then the spray on solutions, just rub on before bathing about 2 minutes and rinse off, and it seems to really sooth the surface and reduces the itch quickly.

  • Kara Carrero {Extremely Good Parenting} - Second time clek owner - favorite seat around!

    This is my second clek fllo car seat and I LOVE it. The fabric is different from the first drift car seat I purchased which makes them look like they don't match, but I think it's because it's easier to clean now. HIGHLY recommend this seat as it's easy to install and love the high rear-facing limit. I have a 2.5 year old in one and a 4 month old in the other (would have had her in one sooner, but the infant insert to put her shoulders at the correct height wasn't available.) Thanks for an awesome product Clek!