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  • WILLIE A MURPHY - I really like it!

    Saw the advertisement for this on Facebook. It sounded good so I snagged the 10 pack. Turns out, it is the greatest! I love this particular one! I really needed the brightening and it works like a charm.

  • L. Lofton - CB-1 Weight Gainer

    I have always been skinny. I never weighed over 97 pounds because of my fast metabolism. I tried another product but it did not help at all but now that I am using CB-1, I am hungry more often than I was before. Before CB-1 I wore a size 0 but now I wear a size 3 and a 4. I would recommend this product to anyone. I went from 97 to 106 pounds. And I love it!!! My weight goal is 130-140 so I am going to keep taking CB-1 because it has really helped me gain weight. Just because you see bad reviews about CB-1 doesn't mean that it has to keep you from buying the product. You should give it a try for those of you who struggle with trying to gain weight. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Lady A - Great Coffee/Shipping Rip Off

    The coffee is great I've been drinking it for over six months now and ordering it off Amazon for the last four months. However I was truly dissapointed with the shipping charges from this supplier, Shelly's Boutique. I order two boxes of the coffee and a sample pack of the other Organo coffee flavors and tea. All three items were ordered from the same supplier. All three were shipped in the SAME US Post Offices flat rate shipping container. It delivered in less than a week from the date that I ordered. The Rip Off - I was charged three times for shipping!! Once for each item in the flat rate shipping envelope! Considering I've ordered two boxes at time from other suppliers who've shipped both in the same package and only charged me once for shipping, I will not be ordering from this supplier again even if they offer my coffee at a lower price. The 4 stars is for the coffee not the supplier.

  • Charlie - Too many adds

    I found the magazine loaded with adds. The articles were OK after one learned how to navigate the document but it was cumbersome to get to some informative articles.

  • indieblack - For Introduction to Technology in Information Professions

    This book is excellent! It's not the current edition, but if you are at all familiar with computers, you should be fine. It covers many topics in detail with short, digestible paragraphs. This book was not required, but suggested for the course. However, I am really happy that I purchased it, as it will help me with the basics in other tech classes (I plan on taking a programming class, and this has some basic definitions.)

  • Julie Q - Caffeine for everyone!

    I was supremely late to jumping on the caffeine bandwagon. It wasn't until my early 40s that I really started drinking coffee, primarily to get me through every day of teaching. When you're trying to corral 25 third graders, you need every ounce of energy available.

  • Mel is belle - Go to plates

    Go to plates to reduce the amount of dishes that we make in the house. Good size. The 10 inch plates are huge and promote over eating, these are just the right size.