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  • ANDREA - Good product NEVER use CCWS!

    This is a good product....NEVER use CCWS (Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) it wrecks your KIDNEYS, gave me HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE I never had, nearly caused a is poison and never should have been on the market. I also like the Kroeger products, three for Candida, one Liver, Formula 1 and Formula 2, depending on where you need it, Formula 1 vaginal, 2 other.

  • fvlaceym - Great cup! (BUT Watch out for shipping costs)

    My husband LOVES his Yetti cup. The rating is for the cup, 5 stars all the way! However, I am not pleased with the shipping cost charged by this company. The cup was $20, shipping was $30. OMG! How did I miss that!!

  • leazier7 - Waste of money!!

    I must say, I was completely excited to try this product. I have medium length naturally curly hair that is also color treated. My hair tends to dry out easily, and I was excited to try this product in hopes that it would deliver results like they claim. Unfortunately, the wen products did absoultely nothing to my hair. It did not feel softer, look shiner and it certainly didn't give me a good hair day! Although I was not impressed with the first use, I continued to use it until the bottle was gone (this only took 3 shampoos) but never received any results at all. When a bottle of shampoo costs $30.00 and only lasts through 3 washes, you better deliver what you claim. This product was a huge disappointment!

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    Nothing better, easy to use. Wipes off easily and looks great. If you buff the shine only gets better.

  • Review - Best for tummy issues

    After months of frustration, we finally tried this. It got rid of my son's colic in 1 day. I tried breastfeeding (eating a no lactose diet), sensitive formulas, etc. Nothing worked so we decided to try a hypoallergenic formula. The liquid version of this worked better than the powder. Expensive yes, but at 6 months he grew out of the milk sensitivity (like the Dr said would most likely happen) and went on Gerber Good Start Gentile. It is a hard decision as a mom, but when you can't watch your baby suffer from acid reflux and gas anymore, this product will be your best friend. My son loved it too. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell, but he gulped it down! Good luck moms and dads!