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  • Timothy J. Gallaway - More like a money/time sucking virus!

    I followed the online recommendations and reviews for Bitdefender and purchased it for a new Windows 7 installation. Within days the system simply began screwing up left and right. It "demanded" that I activate "bit wallet", which, as far as I could see, just stored my logins and passwords, but virtually wanted a play by play of everything I was doing. Imagine trying to log into your online bank, only to have to go through three extra screens, then to be interrupted every 10 to 15 seconds with an error screen informing you that you haven't supplied enough information. That piece of junk got turned off in a hurry. Unless I manually started a scan, when you put the software in "auto pilot" mode, it just went to sleep and let any damn thing that wanted onto your computer to install itself! I ended up with 4 or 5 malware programs with did everything from take over part of the operating system to automatically "updating" (read that as "replacing") programs. The reason I don't know how many is because I'm still manually deleting them. When I reported these problems to bitdefender the "opened a new ticket" which has resulted in daily demands for screen shots, web pages and error messages. At first I answered their emails, only to receive MORE emails ... and surveys ... and smarmy comments. I was promised a full refund "if dissatisfied within 30 days". After 7 or 8 days I gave up and, uninstalled the software, and demanded my money back. We're now coming up on the magic 30 days and NO REFUND ... just more "open tickets" and "surveys". This company is a rip off, and anyone who thinks is works is living in a fools paradise. BEWARE ***tdefender! It will get you!

  • Lilith Red - OK, not the best.

    There are a few good songs. The coolest part is, when some random person online challenges you, very fun.

  • Ridgecrust - shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same

    shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same. looks and works way better than I expected