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  • Paul Sefrin - No need to shut it down - it auto-crashes

    I have been using FTW since it first came out. This is the worst edition yet! It crashes almost every time I use it. The worst part is that the downloads from the Ancestry website seem to corrupt the data. Even backing it up regularly does not help. Saved versions are also corrupted. I spend more time recovering lost data than gathering new.

  • Donald Michael Platt - refund

    I ordered two bit defender products but could not download them due to glitches in my computer. I immediately asked for a refund.

  • Teatime2 - Great edition, easily searchable

    This Kindle edition of the New American Bible is everything I need including being able to easily search and check notes to the text and links to other Bible verses. Very nice.

  • Paul Thompson - Reversed my early hair loss

    I started losing hair at a young age and had very noticeable balding on the back of my head prior to using this product. As with a lot of guys my age, early hair loss was killing my confidence. I tried plenty of products that had little to no effect. In the month since I started using Exalt, new hairs have finally started to grow in. Friends and family have already started commenting on the difference it is making. Thank you for a great product and for helping restore my confidence!

  • loraleigh - gravity chairs

    Was very pleased with the two black zero gravity chairs. They are sturdy and easy to put into positions. I am using one in my TV room wonderful for watching TV. The other one I use as a bedside chair for reading. They are very versitle and goes well indoors or out.

  • Sheila Dayton - Welcome Back Roe!

    I feel like a loved friend has returned to me! I have read (and reread!) the Aurora Teagarden mysteries so many times, the characters feel like old friends. And I'm so happy to have Roe and Robin back sluething! When I first pulled the book out of the Amazon package, I was a bit disappointed to see what a small book it was - but then, the series has always been shorter books. The plus side to that, is that the story is all action (nothing makes me bored more quickly than an author who devotes several pages to describing the setting - at some point I don't care about the texture of the curtains or the plushness of the carpets - just get on with it! But I guess they have to do something to get those books so long!). The writing is well done, the plot is very good. I thought Aurora was a little slow in figuring out "whodunnit" but that slowness was in many ways consistent with everything going on in her life - those early days of pregnancy with public vomiting and feeling so tired and foggy were right on the money. I also appreciated how the book captured the horror of bullying gone amuck and the hell that parenting without boundaries being set for kids can lead to. I loved this book. And I think every fan of this series will love it as well. Please Ms Harris - bring us more - I need to hear how motherhood is going for Aurora!

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    I noticed a difference the day after I took it! My sinuses cleared up and my brain fog lifted. It's an amazing product and for everything it does for your health the price is well worth it! I want everyone I know to try it. Our digestive health is sooooooo important. I guess from other reviews that it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked wonders for me. My whole family is taking it and feeling great!!