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  • Amazon Customer - Love the wireless part

    I like that they are so small and that they do not hurt my ears to have them in. I do have a problem getting them both on at the same time. Every time I have one side playing I have a hard time getting the other side to come on without shutting down the first.

  • Eric Owers - Very good, BUT . . . . .

    This was a very routine purchase and installation, which is good. I installed it routinely, as advertised, on my two computers - a desktop, and a netbook. The software arrived on schedule, and was adequately packaged. It was a relief to do a routine installation. Primarily I use MS Access, and have been using it for 20 years, ever since Access was introduced in the mid 1990's. I have written extensive Access programs, using Visual Basic (VBA). I think that this is the first clean installation I've had in all those years, and all of my Access programs operated perfectly. The only complaint is that with the compiled version of the Access applications (the ACCDE executable), the user has access to the 'Privacy Options' via the File menu, which is a serious integrity exposure. Previous versions of Access did not permit that. Microsoft's answer is to rename the ACCDE to ACCDR. That works, but obviously, the user can do another rename to change it back to ACCDE. So, a mixed reaction - a good clean purchase, shipment, and installation, but disappointed with that one exposure. That's why I rated it a 4 versus a 5.

  • Aeneas - What Happened to Ouija?

    The novelty of a Glow-In -The -Dark Ouija is appealing, and works for me. But why has Hasbro downsized this Ouija and given us a planichet that has sticky feet (use to be felt, now rubber) and will break in half when stressed. The Board has been made so musch smaller, and feels like Contact paper on Heavy Cardboard. I'm not impressed, if you can find one at a garage sale go for it!

  • alana - Just the plain truth!

    I have used this product for a week twice a day and shared with another person and I have not run out of product as of yet. I had seen a comment that said they had ran out very quickly. My skin is softer and the wrinkles around my mouth have a much softer look. I have noticed that if there is a positive comment that people tend to think you are being paid or affiliated with the company. Well for me...neither is true as I have no problem writing a bad review as I did last week about a hair product. I would buy this again and have been satisfied that this is a good or better then the products I have used in the past.

  • Sarah Wismann - Survived 2 story drop!

    So I literally dropped my iPhone from the top of some bleachers (which were almost 2 stories high) straight down on to concrete and the phone survived with barely a scratch. I had a great case and this tempered glass screen cover... I'm sure that helped the screen from shattering. Could be luck but I think it was the great protection!

  • Amazon Customer - ... compared to bushnell and others this range finder is awesome. With the AI technology and scan mode it ...

    For the price I paid compared to bushnell and others this range finder is awesome. With the AI technology and scan mode it offers everything I need for archery hunting. Also the focus works well and I am able to read the yardage everytime. I suggest this range finder to anyone.