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  • FunlovinFilly - Product Is Not What It Appears To Be

    I'm not sure what everyone else believed this product was about but I thought the so-called light technology had something to do with it. This product is just a electric straight razor. A large version of the mini finishing touch. As far as I can tell, the lighted tip does absolutely nothing, nor is there anything in the instruction book about it. I think they are trying to fool people into thinking it is a new light technology that cuts or removes hair, but it's not. It does cut hair fairly well but is not totally painless. It scratches a bit. Also I've noticed my hair is growing back twice as fast since using the product. Not good!

  • Sandra Pash - Disappointed in company policy.

    After reading the reviews I have decided not to order. It sounds like the company does not truly believe in their product. Too many people were charged before the 30 day trial was over. If results were as promised there would be no worry about reorders. Feeling like I made a great decision on not ordering.

  • M. R. Monroe - Amazing game!

    Love, love, love this game!! Fun but challenging. Colorful and intricate patterns. Each set of games starts simple then increases the difficulty. Highly recommended.

  • A.D. - Fits like a... glove.

    The best full fingered glove I have. Love to ride with it. This perfectly fits the length of my fingers, not too short, not too long - absolutely perfect. Allows me the best modulation of my brakes and great feel on the shifter. Once you find a brand of gloves that works you tend to stick with them. I have average hands, right at medium width without freakishly long fingers. These gloves are awesome.

  • Amazon Customer - Over the counter natural cures

    Shane Ellison is "The People's Chemist" online. You can sign up for his emails and receive news regarding how bad 'big pharma' is. His book was written in 2009 and read that this book is very good because now he is just out to selling his goods.

  • Marty. (Kaneohe/Kahaluu) - wonderful excellent shipment but sorry bout the product

    sorry i have to admit that the macadamia nut shampoo and conditioner for some reason it has citrus ingredients in it and for some odd reason my hair hates citrusy ingredients..and didnt make my hair manageable..and not soft..i bought the leave in at trade secret and felt soooo hurt that it didnt work for my hair..i had to return it..its way tooooo heavy for my fine medium textured hair..i love your excellent customer services very very fast and very courteous excellent service..but i cannot buy this macadamia nut shampoo and conditioner no didnt work for my hair..but i will continue to support the company here in amazon who i bought it from, and I love also..very EXCELLENT Customer services thank you amazon and thank you for selling many awesome products.