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  • Diane Adams - Loved It!!!!

    I am a Shaddict, I am use to Bella Forrest's books A Shade of Vampire , So with that said I went into this reading this book wondering if I could truely get into it knowing that in the back of my head I might not be able to get "The Shade" out and I would not compare the two books!

  • soldiers - flea buster

    It's now a year later. The product worked very well and I attacked on all fronts simultaineously and had success. Only when I had my carpet cleaned did it get no longer work. But the instructions will tell you this. I will use this again 'cause the beast has brought some in and is being attacked. Again it's all fronts. It's still hard for me to do this because I've become a codger and some of the funiture I can't move and that's when I use spray. But I highly recommend this product it's a bit messy but worth the effort. I did my carpet in two doses because I was impatient (not that I think a double dose made a difference)

  • christopher purvis, mr - Don't waste you money!

    Lower your expectations if you use this - when they say - each time it rains, product gently removes mold, etc. Think very gently, like as gently as using your eye lashes to scrub a pan! I used on my trailer, we've had three torrential downpours (southern thunderstorms), can't tell anything has worked. I expect this is not even as strong as windex. Product must be rained on, otherwise you have to scrub (well, I'm going to have to scrub anyway, because even the heaviest rain doesn't seem to help). Better to go with a windex or similar house or pavement cleaner and scrub with a push broom - it will work faster (instant results) and be a heck of a lot cheaper!