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  • David M. Tomer - Tempting enough to try

    At least half these recipes sound seriously tempting, I think I'll try a couple. Nothing "lite" about any of them, and some require an ice cream freezer. But I haven't tried them yet, so on what should I base my review, really? Well, by the time I make any of these I'm not going to remember to post a review. Also I got it on Kindle Unlimited so there really isn't a question about value for what I paid.

  • Emily Conway - Gorgeous color

    I wanted to dye the ends of my hair, and since I have used splat before, I decided to go back to their products. I have never tried this color before, but decided to give it a shot. I was expecting a more bluish green, like what it looks like on the box, but the result was a gorgeous foresty dark green color that I absolutely loved. The color does wash out rather quickly (after 3 or 4 washes it fades), but even faded it looks pretty nice. (leave the dye in for over an hour for best results) I would strongly recommend this brand to anyone who wants vibrant hair color. But keep in mind, it is VERY messy and it WILL stain anything it touches.

  • Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album - Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album

    Yes! I am the idiot that thought that "Blue Lines" is not a good album. Luckly, it was a mistake! The album is really good, the rap is really calming, and the vocalists Shara Nelson and Horace Andy are doing sucha great job! My current review is just a proof that this album is so special, that you need more than one time to hear it. I recomment it to anyone who is into music!

  • Roy Springer - Perfect fit

    Ordered to replace a broken front mud flap on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. Came as a pair so I replaced both. Perfect fit, all holes lined up. Reused old mounting hardware. Was a 10 minute job for each side. Great product.

  • Linda Rae - Great cream for sensitive skin

    I really like the way this cream makes my face fell. Very moisturized. I have used this product for a long time plan to keep using it as long as it is around. I have very sensitive skin and this does not irritate it.

  • Peter - Best History of Esperanto

    No matter the language this is without a doubt the most complete history of Esperanto and it's founder Zamenhof. Almost everything about this artificial tongue is written in this lovely language, so the author had to learn it, kudos to her.