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  • sgreene - i love my book

    this books is the bomb. i search through alot book (that would let me)before deciding on this one. there's a vast amount of infomation on everything in here, i would need at least 3 books to cover what this does. it came with a cd many exams,test,vocabulary words and key terms to help me understand and get the concept.

  • Diana Hunt - the most comfortable headphones I have owned

    I am writing this after a week of use. I wear these on my run commute to and from work (4 miles) every day. They are the most comfortable headphones I have owned and the ability to shorten the cable makes them ideal for running. Controls are easy to use and the microphone seems to be ok for calls (accidently double tapped the button and dialled the last number; useful just should have read the manual!). I have charged it twice (on receipt and once more in the week) but it hasn't died on me yet. Sound quality is fine; I'm no audiophile but it seems ok to me. The case is a nice touch and it comes with extra bits for the earbuds (and a little net bag). For this price you won't get better. Would absolutely reccomend.

  • Lillian Pivonka - It also is very comfortable.

    This really works. I use it in conjunction with my CPAP mask and it keeps my chin in place so when I lie on my back, my face doesn't sag and so the seal on my mask stays without developing leaks. It also is very comfortable.

  • Cipher - You will be dissapointed

    Had very high hopes for this game, waited a long time for it to come out. It was enjoyable for a while, addicting even. It was never the awesome product Diablo I and II were, but I thought it still had some fun value to it. Then..... Blizzard released patch 1.03 and just nuked all the fun entirely from the game. Everyones damage got the nerf bat, drops rates of gold and items decreased, and repair costs skyrocketed. The consensus amongst all I've talked to is that Blizzard is forcing whatever gamers they have left into using their real money auction house to progress further. Not me, I'm done. Very unsatisfied with this game.