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  • LUCRESIA - Amazing book!

    This is an interesting book to read! Finding the deep relaxation of your mind, body and soul is the biggest achievement of rest. It is when you let go of all you worries, anxiety and stress. The peace deep within that nobody can give except you and your mind along with meditation. The book really guided of of the basics standards and strategies to reach the inner peace within you. This is a great practice to avoid nervous breakdown and anxiety. This book is rock solid on topics such as the benefits of meditation, but it also acknowledges common obstacles to meditation and better yet, provides you with real-world solutions to said challenges. I already recommend this book to some of my friends and family!

  • Drake - These are fantastic brushes! I’m not new to the world of ...

    These are fantastic brushes! I’m not new to the world of brushes, I actually have A LOT of brushes. This set is one of my favorite sets! When you get them, make sure you wash them to get the plastic smell out. Just take the brush and swirl it in some warm water with soap. Do not let water touch where the bristles connect to the brush, you don’t want to ruin them! After rinsing, just lightly squeeze with a towel (don’t twist the bristles!) and then let them air dry. You do want to wash these about once a week if you use them daily, maybe every two weeks. This will keep your brushes clean and bacteria free. It will also help with getting that caked on make up off, so your applications are much nicer!

  • Bob Orf - I like the show in general

    I like the show in general, but I wasn't crazy about the Season 3 opener. Barry Allen just comes across as stupid and selfish the way he keeps messing with the past. Plus throughout the entire series there are major holes in the logic behind changing the past. However, I'm a huge Flash fan, I like the characters and actors, so I keep watching. It's mainly the writing I have a problem with.

  • Silverdeb - The Elephant is king!

    This just delicious! Very spicy and warm. Not a light perfume..but deep heavy warm and happy!must love cinnamon and cloves,etc. Vanilla too.

  • F Worley - Thrilled to report lighter, less painful periods

    Seems that hitting 30 did a number on my hormones because my periods suddenly became VERY messy and VERY painful. Every single month was sure to find me calling into work when these periods would pay me a visit. Not being able to afford these sick days any longer, I’m thrilled that I found Estrolibrium. Not only is the pain lessened to non-existent practically, but my periods are lighter and shorter too!!

  • Happy coffee - A very good focus booster

    I have ordered this product twice. I found it worked quite well. I have been checking out focus formulas as I am writing a book and am looking for the proper combination to help me focus on my writing and stay focused. I felt that this product performed well. I typically take it first thing in the morning when I get to the office and in the mid afternoon to keep me focused through out the day. I am pleased with the results and would certainly order again.

  • Mr K Fox - Great book for those taking Proton Pump Inhibitors or with heartburn / stomach pain

    Having been on Proton Pump inhibitors for many years for a Hiatus Hernia, and in pain with a suspected ulcer I visited my doctor. I returned with increased strength tablets that made even drinking water painful and my partner thinking there had to be a better way found this book.