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  • KD Prime Time - these are real metal and really nice!

    i just got these premium stainless solar lights and i love them. they are made of real metal which is very nice and keeps them strong. the stakes are plastic but still sturdy. they come with the rechargeable batteries and after a full day will shine for a good 6+ hours easily. they are not super bright BUT thats what i wanted. they will light a path just fine as intended and great ambient lighting. they are not overly bright like some others may be. the perfect brightness actually. they are also bigger than i thought as im used to seeing the smaller ones at the bx stores. the tops are about 4" or so around. the light is a cool white not blue but not yellow either almost a true white maybe just a touch more blue than yellow. now you add in the lifetime warranty and you have a great set for life!

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Keyboard, Bad Switches?

    This is generally a very nice mechanical keyboard. I have owned many different Razer products in the past and I have never had an issue with any of them. (Except this one, See Below) I really like Razers color scheme with the matte black and acid green. I can see where some may not and it is not for everyone. I guess that is where the Chroma models come in.

  • Amazon Customer - Not complete without the line....

    This toy would be a lot more realistic with about 350 people standing in line for an average of an hour. It still makes a nice set with the interrogation room.

  • Active Ennui - The cans tend to turn when you are spraying with ...

    The cans tend to turn when you are spraying with this thing. (This is with the nozzles which are a little wider and longer than just the small round cylandars) I don't think that this would be an uncommon problem though, no matter which brand you had.

  • bjorn damsgaard - A pleasure to read

    A very useful book for math-teachers, both for the youngest and the mature students. The discussions about "why? and what for?" can be lifted above the usual level where "like and like not" own the arena. Also interesting for philosophical oriented teachers with

  • Cool Jam - Best game for kids

    I purchased PS4 specifically for my kids to dance with this game. The game was very easy to set up. It identified the faces clearly through the camera

  • Robert Herrera - I bought an XL for my Husband since he is ...

    I bought an XL for my Husband since he is on the heavier side and has broad shoulders. This fits him very tightly...everywhere.