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    Country:, Europe, LU

    City: 6.0694 District de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Ryan H - Meh...Ok.

    Product as described. Does the job and works well. Only reason I don't give 5 stars is because I didn't get my red boot covers in my kit. Only thing missing but otherwise cured my Jeep Death Shake.

  • Karyn Steinfeldt - COBRA FI2000 PowerPro PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT

    Very easy install on 2010 Kawaski Voyager (if you have offset (90 degree) needle nose pliers as directions suggest). Very noticeable improvement in Bike performance. Immediate throttle response with improved torque in every gear. Previously installed K&N air filter. Had more air coming in and 1 ¼” Baffles going out but the original fuel mapping so some but not much performance improvement. Now, with the Cobra Fi2000 PowerPro the bike is quicker and much smoother. Less downshifting necessary. I can take a turn in 4th gear at 1400 rpm’s and accelerate smoothly. The Cobra seems to always provide the correct amount of fuel for the bike to run great.

  • Ziggy - Works great

    This printer works like a charm. To make this printer work properly, you have go to this printer's property and select the correct port.

  • Matthew - Picture is not what u get.

    It's an excellent product and I am very happy with it, but the seller should update the 3d image of the product as the sides are slightly different. I love the case. My friend broke my last case and forced me to buy and new one. I really want to thank him for breaking it because I actually love this one so much better. :)

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome product!

    Much better than my previous mattress. We replaced our older mattress because of my bad back (the injury is unrelated to the old mattress), and this one is at the same time firmer and softer than my previous one. While the mattress is firm enough to be supportive and keep the spine in a good position, the purple layer conforms to and removes pressure from the heavier parts of the body.

  • WindRiverHiker - Amazing Story of Bravery, Loyalty and Determination

    It is almost unbelievable what these men endured. What a miserable, difficult experience. The fact that no one died makes all the more incredible. I found this story hard to put down. A great read! Highly recommended!

  • Tori - It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I ...

    Received a free sample and was pleasantly surprised. It disssolved in my drink easily and was way better than the regular prenatals I had been taking which varied between gummies and one a day. Would definitely buy.