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  • J. Montgomery - Craps on this game Blows!

    I bought this game to help me with my craps game (understanding the rules and how to bet without blowing lots of cash at the casino in real life). However, this game is terrible. There are many poorly designed elements to this game that make it hard to play. For instance, you cannot tell how much $ you have out on the table because it only shows the top chip of the stacked chips. There is no total value to tell you how much you have on the pass line or on place bets. You shouldnt have to count the number of clicks and type of chips to calculate how much your betting. In real life you can count 3 reds and know it is 15. In this game, you see a stack and the number 5 which could mean 10 or 15 or even a 100. The selection of chips is also terrible. You have to constantly click the reset button to select chips anytime you want to change the bet amount - which if you like to bet different amounts on different things... is all the time. This is only the tip of the iceberg on the fails of this game.

  • msw8ing - serves its purpose

    It's a checkbook register. Nothing more, nothing less. The rows & columns are unusually small so it makes it a little difficult to write entries but again, serves its purpose, def NOT for sight impaired persons!

  • Tori Shiro - Wonderful

    Download it. It's free and you don't get charged extra or whatever from your exsisting account if you download this. The shotty reviews are garbage. You can adjust volume, all you have to do it tap the screen and slide your finger across the dial. Video and sound being out of sync has to deal with your own appliance and how good your Internet signal is, not the app itself.