Mail-Meds Pharmacy - Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy specializes in simplifying medication regimens and improving medication adherence for chronic illness patients that take multiple medications. Our unique approach to the pharmaceutical care management of chronically ill patients is setting the standard in the pharmacy industry.                   Through the use of our medication adherence tools, adherence training, and specialty pharmacy services, patients are empowered to mange their difficult medication regimens while improving their health and quality of life. Established in 2004, Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy operates successful medication adherence programs with specialty clinics and disease management initiatives.

  • Adherence Pharmacy - Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy is the industry leader and the authority in Adherence Pharmacy. Defined as the clinical practice of improving medication adherence for patients that are prescribed complicated medication regimens, pharmacies that practice Adherence Pharmacy provide patients with a comprehensive pharmacy care program that includes patient education, refill reminders and adherence tools inclusive of pre-organized medications and dose administration reminders.
  • Products - Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy has a complete range of medication adherence tools and technologies available to help improve medication adherence.
  • Medbox Weekly Card - The Medbox Weekly Card is a 7-day weekly blister card with four (4) medication administration times (morning, noon, evening and bedtime).
  • Medbox 4-Week Card - The Medbox™ 4-Week Card is a 28-day “administration time” specific card for patients prescribed medications once or twice daily.
  • Pil-Bob - The Pil-Bob® is a medication extraction device uniquely designed to help remove medications directly from each Medbox™ blister.
  • MyMedSchedule App - MyMedSchedule® is a secure, state-of-the-art, mobile app that is easily downloaded on to the patient’s smart phone and provides the patient with customized text and/or email medication reminder messages.
  • SimpleMed+ - Our SimpleMed+ Medication Dispensing System is an advanced mobile weekly medication dispenser designed to work with our Medbox™ Weekly Card.
  • Pharmacy Programs - Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy will contract with individual patients, or their respective caregivers, to provide comprehensive adherence pharmacy services inclusive of adherence  tools, adherence training and remote medication monitoring. 
  • Our Experienced Team - The Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy management team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success to the company.
  • State-of-the-Art Pharmacy - Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy utilizes some of the latest technology available from recognized leaders in prescription processing and pharmacy design.
  • Testimonials - Read what some of  our customers have said about our unique adherence products  and distinguishing pharmacy services.

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    Exactly the book I needed for class. Right edition, signs of wear as to be expected with a used book. Fantastic price for what I needed the book for.

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