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  • David G. - another very good Kreg tool...

    I have several Kreg pocket hole tools and this is another good product. It works as intended and is a time saver compared to other joining methods. Should be used in conjunction with the Kreg srews...why?...because they are well made, and not very expensive if you buy larger boxes and search by price on "Froogle". You will not be disappointed. Now, almost everything I see needs a pocket hole screw!

  • PanicAttax - I have prayed for skincare like this my whole life....finally!!!!

    I buy this product locally at a Korean grocery store (it's cheaper!!) and for the first time in my life, I have clear skin that is moisturized perfectly! I usually have oily/combination skin, but I stated using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer and my skin changed overnight. I will continue to buy this product and try out any products I can find! I highly recommend this to anyone who has problem skin and has tried everything else on the market. The cleanser alone you can feel it tingle when you wash your face with it, and that's how you know it is working its way into your pores to get all the dirt out!

  • Colton Bailey - more crap sold from china

    gps software is stolen with no way of updating your software. its been 3 months since i got head unit but have yet to receive backup camera. would never recommend this to anyone spend your money elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DogPigRadio - Lactation support

    PRENATAL VITA ONE Prenatal & Lactation Support Multivitamin - Whole Food Multi Vitamins with Folic Acid for Pregnancy & Fenugreek Aid Breastfeeding - Herbal Blend with Multiple Minerals - BioScience Nutrition

  • Amazon Customer - Great volumizer

    I wasn't sure what volumizer meant but my wife explained it to me after we tested this out. Much more fluid is involved :)

  • Sizzle - Worthwhile for Online Content Alone

    I can't speak to the stuff in the book, but this is worth the price for the online content alone. Running through those practice tests should leave you a lot more confident on test day. The familiarity with the test that it provides should reduce that test-day stress.

  • Sloper Dude - Why I don't buy a cheap hose...

    I'm an air conditioning technician, so I clean more than 500 air conditioners a year. When I got tired of using hoses that kinked, sprayed water over me from leaks in the hose or fittings, were difficult to reel or stow and had squashed, stamped-brass fittings which were hard to screw attachments to, I bought a Flexogen hose. Now I have a durable, leak-free hose which stands up to heavy daily use. It amazes me when I see how many homeowners have practically unusable hoses once the fittings have been run over in their driveway. This hose is (just a little more) money well-spent.