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  • Ms Tangie577 - Enjoyed

    I really enjoyed reading this book, I did not see that ending coming but was not disappointed. Can't wait to see what's next for the Medlovs.

  • Nicole - What a scam...

    This whole line is a joke. Any review with more than 1 star is OBVIOUSLY a person trying to sell this stuff ( hence the email addresses added to the end of the "great" reviews) i paid over $60 for 4 masks and it did absolutely NOTHING to my skin. DON'T waste your hard earned money on this garbage. Everyone is trying to make a buck off this crap and i somehow got roped into it. Ill stick to the SK-II masks they actually work!

  • Glen G - (edit) 7+ years, still works as intended

    Pour in a couple cups of ice, water to the line, lay the bottle in it, and it spins the bottle while pumping ice water over it. Room temp to COLD in 9 minutes - does not damage the wine (constant & even spin, no shake), though there a "no-spin" option that takes a few minutes longer. Will do soda cans, beer bottles up to 1-liter wine. $50 - and that has gotten a lot of use when kid's mothers drop over for a Saturday afternoon playdate and hang out with my wife!

  • Ko Wibowo - BIG but LESS

    It is the best BIG monograph out there. It contains great projects but lacks of drawings. Some of the projects do not have enough pictures and drawings to be understood fully.

  • J. Crum - Just buy it!

    I purchased this guitar used from another company but felt compelled to give a small review here. I've never owned a Les Paul before or for that matter anything Gibson. My first guitar was a Peavey Predator 1993. it was my first electric guitar to learn on and I played that guitar to death almost. I still have it and it still plays great but growing up my parents at the time couldn't afford the big name guitars so a $200 guitar is all they could get me. I was happy to even have it and later on I purchased several other Fenders with my latest being my Jimmie Vaughan Signature series Fender Stratocaster which is just a great guitar for the value but over the years Gibsons and Les Pauls were just too expensive or that was the excuse I used in my mind but after 22 years of playing I finally decided to get over it and buy one so I chose the 2015 Les Paul Studio and haven't regretted it at all. Sound and playability are awesome. Tone is very nice, and really guys when one of the big complaints is the signature on the head well that's when you know the complaint is coming from a hipster who's life isn't complete unless they're nitpicking something. I would say take a chance on this guitar but it's not a chance with this guitar. It's a freaking Les Paul! Take it home, close your eyes and play it. I guarantee you'll love what you hear and that's the most important thing period. The G-force tuner is a nice convenience but I find I really don't use it but, in a pinch it's really nice to have. If you were a new guitar player who hadn't developed his or her ear and didn't really understand tuning a guitar then i'd have an issue with you learning on this guitar because it's cheating them the value of learning to tune your guitar but if you're a veteran like me and you can tune a guitar in your sleep, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back then I think you can give the guitar a pass on that subject. it's convenient but it's not going to make you lazy or forget how to tune a guitar. It's a great guitar and it sounds and plays wonderfully so go out and buy one already! you won't regret it!

  • PracticalMan - PhilipsNorelcoHQ6900/41CordedRazorShaver1100-Costs~TheSameAsOneItsHeadsReplacement!

    Razor works fine but its Philips Norelco HQ56 [triple] heads had worn out = become blunt in just 4 months,and Replacement = one triple headed (1 count) costs just $2 less than whole shaver (all parts together) with this [triple] Heads (1 count)!!! And after I've just bought that Replacement I found out that its tax was about $2 too - so NO DIFFERENCE if you buy whole shaver or just heads-replacement - PRICE is approximately THE SAME!