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  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/locations/bryn-mawr-hospital Bryn Mawr Hospital | Locations | Main Line Health - Named among the top ten hospitals in the Philadelphia metro By U.S. News & World Report, Bryn Mawr Hospital has remained the Main Line community’s premier
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/locations/paoli-hospital Paoli Hospital | Locations | Main Line Health - Ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the Philadelphia Metro area by U.S. News & World Report, Paoli Hospital offers patients a unique balance of personaliz
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/locations/riddle-hospital Riddle Hospital | Locations | Main Line Health - At Riddle Hospital, we offer a full range of health care services including maternity, orthopedic, and cardiovascular care. Our newly expanded emergency de
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  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/locations/bryn-mawr-rehab-hospital Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital | Locations | Main Line Health - As one of the most comprehensive rehabilitation hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic, we have been delivering advanced rehabilitation services for more than 40 ye
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  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/specialties/bariatric-surgery Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery | Main Line Health - People who opt for weight loss surgery are consistently and reliably able to lose 50 to 90 percent of their excess weight—and achieve long-term results unm
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  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/conditions-and-treatments/treatments/mammography Mammograms & Mammography | Main Line Health - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a unique tool that constructs cross-sectional pictures of internal organs and structures using radio waves and magnets.
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/conditions-and-treatments/conditions/addiction Addiction | Main Line Health - Addiction is a strong mental and physical dependence on, most commonly, a drug or other substance.
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/conditions-and-treatments/treatments/laboratory-tests-for-breast-cancer Laboratory Tests for Breast Cancer | Main Line Health - If your health care provider thinks you might have breast cancer, you will need certain exams and tests to be sure. Lab tests may include blood tests, urin
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/conditions-and-treatments/treatments/transcatheter-aortic-valve-replacement Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) | Main Line Health - This groundbreaking procedure for the treatment of severe aortic stenosis is now being offered at Lankenau. TAVR is a procedure that allows the diseased ao
  • http://m.mainlinehealth.org/conditions-and-treatments/treatments/ultrasound Ultrasound | Main Line Health - The ultrasound technologists at Main Line Health Imaging have additional certification in all areas of ultrasound such as vascular and abdominal imaging. W

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  • Larry K - Brilliant and Simple

    I have had yellow teeth since I was a kid, after just 2 weeks of brushing with coconut oil and doing the oil pulling business, my teeth finally started turning white.

  • D. Smith - Could have been a really good movie

    Witty dialog saved this movie. The interesting thing is that half the movie attempts to debunk the idea of Gods, then gives super powers to an entire squad supporting Hercules. The action is so over the top to ALMOST be comical, but you have no thrill watching the cartoonish action. The Road Runner has more realistic action than this movie. The acting is not exceptional but isn't going to destroy your faith in humanity either. The special effects are top notch. This could have been an awesome movie if it was not so hypocritical. The dialog could have been inspiring if the movie was not done with comic book type action. Seriously, a guy throwing knives and taking out waves of enemy, a woman shooting multiple arrows hitting multiple targets and killing all instantly. Finally the last feat of Hercules goes against everything the movie tried to build, which completely destroyed the whole suspense of disbelief. Even the sword fights among mere mortals were poorly choreographed and cartoonish. Luckily I was not disappointed as I had low expectations to start with. The humor in the movie makes it worth watching however.

  • O.R. - I really like it. Looks high quality

    I got this in the grey color. I really like it. Looks high quality, especially for the price. Assembly was also really easy.

  • Kriz Gonzales - Everything that you look for as an Entry-level Cycist!

    I am a novice road cyclist so please keep that in mind with this review; and before I talk about the R088, I would like to talk a little bit about the R078.

  • J. H. - Works great....if you give it time to install!

    I have used Card Studio for years and remains pretty much the same with the exception of a few new cards each year. Has saved me time and money hunting for a special card for someone. This years software does take some time to load so be patient. Depends on the age, speed, of your computer. Loads lots of files and graphics, took my computer 45 mins. to load and 15 mins. to install a patch or "bug fix" for this version. In past years I believe it installed much faster than an hour. Look at your drive lights on your computer and they will stay pretty much solid for an hour loading files.

  • Amazon Customer - Great shoe

    Size 6 fits perfectly and the hot pink looks great! Room for the toes, shoe is very light and very comfortable. Haven't taken it out for a run as yet but it seems to be just what I needed.