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  • Yvonne - Great Bag!!

    I got this bag back in seventh grade, im a sophomore in high school !! ive used it everyday for school since i got it, and it has been a great bag. im getting another one, because the zipper on my original one broke aftyer 4 years of having it! its the best bag ive had! considering im buying another one that says alot. im kindda upset that they dont have the print i had before i guess they discontinued it or something. it was a light green plaid really nice never did show any sighns of dirt or anything. Som im getting the red one now. it fits with me one of my favorite colors, and its my school color! win win if say. i put my bag through hell over the last four years! from school with numourus binders and books, to wrestling papers, (i have ALOT!!)Im the manager), to traveling with the family, Band Camp and working with my schools Athletic Trainer!! it did it all!! haha

  • Natasha M. Vasilopoulos - Good stuff

    I really like this detangler. Although the bottle shape is difficult to use. It does not leave my daughters curly hair with residue, which I though it would.

  • Robert Steward - Torn between giving good review or bad one.

    I rarely take time to write reviews. But leaving 4 stars doesn't really tell the tale. Love hate relationship with the company, not the product. I am a firm believer in Dr's Wallach and Glidden and their approach to healing. Huge fan of supplements and while I have yet to feel any results from this product; I have no doubt that if it contains the laundry list of vitamins and minerals it should be helpful to anyone. My beef is simple. Is great nutrition and health for the wealthy? I weigh 250 lbs. I am 5'10 inches tall, so I suffer from all the ailments of someone who is malnourished. This product could be a savior...however I may never know that. Based on the 58 dollar price (not the one I paid on Amazon -- $61.50) this product cost me 5.15 a day. 156.64 a month and $1879.75 a year. Most people don't know how much they earn or spend and are terrible at budgeting. Even I who failed 9th grade math can tell you...that's a lot for a supplement. I have a wife and 5 children. I want them to have the benefits of this product. given their weights it would be an additional $3759.50 a year. That would be $5639.25 a year to give my me and my family the nutrition which These doctors and this company are prescribing. And that's based on only taking it once a day; the container says take 1 to two times daily! Tell me what tax bracket do I need to be in for good health? If these people really cared about making people healthy maybe they ought to scrap the fancy packaging and lower the price! If not guess what; me and my family can't afford your company. so we may never know how many stars to rate this product or any of your other products. Hippocratical...oh that's only for "REAL?" doctors.

  • John Wiseman - magix movie edit pro 2013

    I had been using Magix movie edit version 17. The new movie edit pro 2013 shows promise but is buggy, a update version was downloaded and installed and it too was buggy. So far the program has crashed a total of 8 times!