Luis Vargas MD. – Medicina de Emergencias, Gerencia en Salud, Educación Virtual. - Hola que tal,  mi nombre es Luis Eduardo Vargas, soy médico especialista en Medicina de Emergencias y en Gerencia en salud, Curso actualmente una Maestría en Proyectos Educativos mediados por TIC. Mis pasiones son esas mismas; Primero Mi Familia... y luego: La Medicina de Emergencias, Las TIC, La Educación virtual, la Música (sobre todo percusión…

  • Aprende a manejar tu iPad desde Cero – Luis Vargas MD. - Video Promo Te regalaron o compraste un iPad? Y ahora que hago con esto? No te preocupes,en este curso te enseñaré desde lo básico hasta herramientas que te facilitarán tus tareas diarias y aprenderás a sacarle provecho. No importa si tienes 5 años o vas a cumplir 100, en este curso te explico de forma…
  • Entrenamiento en Emergencias – Luis Vargas MD. - Estas buscando certificarte en cursos de medicina de Emergencias y Urgencias, junto a la atención prehospitalaria, necesitas tomar BLS, ACLs, ACLS EP, Salva corazones, Cursos de Trauma, APH, Quemados, TCE, etc. Pongo a tu disposición nuestra empresa "Protect Training" con una amplia variedad de cursos presenciales y virtuales para que escojas y más de 10 años…
  • Gestión de Urgencias – Luis Vargas MD. - Creando condiciones de trabajo sostenibles para los médicos de Emergencias
  • Revistas acceso libre – Luis Vargas MD. - Perspectivas en Urgencias Lee "Perspectivas en urgencias" en línea Urgentia Journal Lee "Urgentiajournal" en línea
  • I Curso E y D 2016, Trujillo – Luis Vargas MD. - Saludos y bienvenidos todos, este es un escenario donde hemos dejado las conferencias del pasado "I Congreso Internacional de Emergencias y Desastres", desarrollado en la ciudad de Trujillo en Perú, los días Junio 16 al 18 de 2016. Los conferencistas nos han ofrecido durante tres días excelentes temas de revisión, de su experiencia y de…
  • DEA de Acceso Público, por que es tan importante – Luis Vargas MD. - La enfermedad cardiovascular sigue ocupando uno de los tres primeros lugares entre las causas de muerte súbita a nivel mundial. En Colombia también por estadísticas, entre las primeras cinco causas de muerte y de consulta al servicio de urgencias intra o extrahospitalario, se encuentran las enfermedades cardiovasculares. El paro cardíaco, es una fórmula concisa y…
  • Que son los Recursos Educativos Abiertos -REA- – Luis Vargas MD. - Video ganador del 3er lugar en el concurso "¿Porqué es importante la educación abierta?" del Dpto. de Educación de EEUU. Autoría y dirección: Nadia Mireles Producción: Funktionell Te gustan los gráficos de este video? Ve a Este video cuenta con licencia CC 3.0 Voz Categoría Formación Licencia Licencia Atribución…

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  • eclectic gatherings - Convenient.. sounds great..super lightweight.. bluetooth feature is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend. hope this helps

    I purchased these so that I can listen to my music while working or easy to take a phone call when my phone is not on me. I wanted something lightweight and easy to use . They are made of ultra-light shape memory alloy. Super easy and comfortable for wearing all day. I hate dealing with wires dangling around my neck and getting in the way so this definitely takes care of that. The battery is long lasting with Up to 10 hours / music time, 300 hours standby time and 2 hours charging time. They only weigh approximately 4.58 ounces which is super light to me. The earbuds stay in my ears without them sliding out of place. Bluetooth convenience so no more plugs into my phone that I would have to carry in my pocket etc. They are very simple and easy to synchronize with my iphone5s cell phone. They work great and they sound amazing.

  • A. Thibideau - Best all-around software

    Having used both Delorme (2010) and MS Streets & Trips (2013), I can say that both have their points, but if you want POIs, there is no competition: Delorme wins hands down. They both provide directions well enough. I had no problems with either one. One might think that the familiar Windows desktop versus the more DOS-based-looking Delorme would be an advantage, but the over-use of menus to me overrides the benefit. Obviously, you can't interactively use either one while driving. For this and other reasons, I found using MS Streets & Trips a bit more cumbersome. Once you understand the Delorme desktop, it shouldn't be a problem. Then again, you may be so used to Windows, you will find yourself a bit overwhelmed at first. Both require configuration with the GPS. You have to know which com port it uses, which you find in the Device Manager under ports, and coordinate that with the program. This can change too depending on devices you have plugged in. All in all, I would choose the Delorme. Since the Plus version includes phone-number lookup for the entire country, that adds to the value of Delorme for me. Few of us have internet in the car (though I'm waiting for Google to come with that one for the masses!). One more thing: with MS, once you activate, you're out of luck activating it on another device. Not so with Delorme.

  • Steve Riley - Horrible software!

    Recently I changed my windows password, and that was the end of Acronis. I spent 3 hours researching and trying to get it working again to no avail. People on Acronis's forum said they'd had this same issue for years. Acronis never answers issues on their own forums! And the bug is still there. It locks up and doesn't want you to change anything at all. I finally got past that, and tried various solutions, including deleting my backup setup and reentering it, thus allowing me to enter my new password. I pressed the test button, and it said it connected. Then I tried to back it up, and it won't, invalid credentials! According to one post, I went in and deleted the saved credentials in the registry, and deleted my backup and entered in a new one again, same results. I spent many hours, all wasted on horrible software the company could care less about fixing.

  • Erica Seda - Don't waste your money

    Hasn't curbed my appetite, or given me extra energy. My super b complex is so much better. And if you really want to "get motivated" to lose weight, go to your dr and get some phentermine. I'm about to go back and get back on it for a month. Prescriptions for Dr's are the only thing that work. If this stuff did, the dr's would prescribe it!

  • R. Mattingly - tedious and difficult

    8+ it said. Literally no part of this project was 8+. No, that's not fair - testing the ear piece was something my 9 year old did alone. He also curled the wire ends. The rest of the project was completed by me, and it was frustrating, tedious and difficult. Then, after a couple hours of slowly building rage, I finished. Only to have this crappy, cheap, piece of junk not work. I would never intentionally spend $10 to infuriate myself for two hours, but that's exactly what I did. This was the actual worst.

  • Dennis - Horrible menus, bad beyond belief

    Hate it. I downgraded from the 2010 version, which I like very much, but 2010 won't write to GBT drives. 2016 menus are terrible, the worst. Difficult to find previous backups; it's hard to imagine why anyone would design the menus like this. Absolute pits. 2016's interface is the worst of any software I've ever used.

  • Amazon Customer - ... and I looked through it quickly and fell in love with so many recipes

    I received my book yesterday and I looked through it quickly and fell in love with so many recipes, can't wait for the weekend so I can really spend some time reading it. It's a beautiful cookbook with such a variety of recipes. Thank you Gina!