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  • Tiffiney's world - Ingestion of this product can be FATAL to your Health

    If this mixture doesn't work for you or you feel sick and exhausted immediately STOP ingesting this product. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone distributing this product can say without exception they have NO vested in interest in advertising or posting a positive spin. Bottom line, distributors/sellers profit from pushing/selling this product or they wouldn't be in business regardless of the weight loss stories/health benefits that are used to advertised. (Businesses thrive off false advertising.... Think about it! Would you even consider purchasing a product whose benefits disclose the potential related to death or acute renal shutdown?

  • Bernie Coulter - 10 stars

    I wear these shoes whenever I run or train and wear them as well whenever I go to public places! The pair matches almost anything that i wear, be it sport shorts or walkshorts.

  • mickie48 - Disappointed

    I purchased this software from a local store. I should have read all of these reviews before wasting money. I'm a long time buyer with Amazon so I don't know what possessed me not to check. I'm not a creative person and I rely on some verbiage from the cards to help me out in sending out a 'nice card' to my loved ones. I've not been able to locate any words to help me out on the inside of the card. Very disappointed in this feature of which I've had with other companies that make "Greeting Card" software.

  • Arizona Dreamer - Can't believe I paid this much for something that doesn't work!

    After this being wholeheartedly recommended, I was so excited to stop my itching, but Zanfel was no match for my poison ivy, or my kid's, or my husband's.

  • Suh Hee Son - A nice phone overall

    The iPhone7 is a very nice phone overall. Most of all, it got better speakers from the iPhone6s, thanks to the missing headphone; however, when charging the battery, we can't listen to music, which could be disadvantageous. As for the battery, iPhone 7 features 14% larger battery compared to iPhone 6, but the battery dropped 40% when all I do is listen to music for an hour, which I think could be because the engine fast and quick, so it affects the battery life. Regarding the camera, the quality is amazing, and it's 1.5 times clearer and the zoom is better than before. As for the sensitivity of the screen, I felt inconvenient when I swipe left or right because the screen didn't move sometimes. Especially, when I used iCloud Drive, the screen was stuck in the iCloud Drive a few times, so this is nonsense for one of the greatest smart phones. Most of all, I like the 3D touch action, and the solid-state homebutten. Therefore, on a scale of 1-4. I'll give 4 stars because I think they just have to work on the sensitivity of the screen and battery life; however, I like the design, a nice camera, a fast engine, and the 3D touch action.

  • Amazon Customer - False Positive

    False positives! Bought a two pack after missing my period and got a positive test result. Since I know that you cannot receive false positives (as the test is detecting the hcg hormone which is only produced when pregnant) I went straight to the doctor that SAME DAY where they did a blood test that determined I was not pregnant. My doctor told me that I was the second patient who had received a false positive using this curved model. I then had my boyfriend take the other test (as a joke/experiment) and we found out that he is also expecting a baby!