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  • BlackCoffee - What Happen to Acronis?

    I used TI 2009 under Vista x64 and it worked well. Now, I have migrated to Windows 7 and neither TI 2009 or my upgrade to TI 2010 work. I basically handed Acronis $30.00 and got nothing for it. If you have any doubt, go to the Acronis Forum under support. It is not just a few, loud people. It is long time users that have tried extreme work arounds to get the product working with no success. As of right now, build 6029 is junk and does not work in Windows 7.

  • Amazon Customer - No User Input During Installation

    I would have rated the software 4 stars, except Roxio does not allow users to select features, shortcuts, etc. during the installation process. Even the default settings remove previous user settings without the user's knowledge. Older versions allowed some customization during the installation; however, that is no longer true. After I installed the software, I inserted a CD. One of the Roxio applications started up. With a little search, I was able to deactivate that feature. I also noticed that "Auto run" was disabled so my CD's would not automatically open Windows Media Player. I am still finding other items that Roxio configured without my knowledge. Just this morning I saw an item in the drive list (under "Computer" in Windows Explorer) - it is labeled "Roxio Burn Disc Viewer". I thought I configured Roxio Burn Disc to not open.

  • Dan Kelley - Worthless

    Cannot get the update to install. Was told by H&R Block that I would have to buy new software and cannot return this because it is over thirty days old. What a waste!!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - This is one of the best reads I have had in a long time

    This is one of the best reads I have had in a long time!!! A must read and an epic addition to any library.

  • David Crumm - Lots of comfortable, flexible fun for you, friends and family

    I'm a journalist who reports on new forms of media, primarily print, publishing and digital media, but I also do a lot of work covering film and television. I realize that I've been behind the curve on experiencing all the Virtual Reality 3D media that's popping up on our telephones these days. At this point, there are enough options out there to make this something that ordinary individuals and families are likely to enjoy.

  • newmommy81 - I Love UPPAbaby

    I read reviews on this product, but I really don't think this product deserves some of the low ratings. I haven't had any problems nor have I had to put in extra effort to recline the seat as others have. I gave it 4 stars simply because there are not 2 cup holders. Other than that I very happy with this product.

  • Roe F. - Powerpoint Guide

    I really haven't put a lot of the information into practice yet but it is a quick look/see guide for the program.