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  • About Us - Our service cannot be compared to any other pharmacy. Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. truly lives up to what you’ve heard from our customers. We are
  • About Compounding - Compounding is the art of making medications. It differs from manufacturing because each formulation we prepare is for a specific patient. Why is compounding
  • Allergy/Asthma - We at Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. provide alternative treatments for allergies and asthma. If conventional therapy is not working for you, we can provide
  • Dental - Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. can provide medication to improve your oral health. Wounds or infections in the mouth can be very uncomfortable and difficult
  • Dermatology - We understand that skin conditions can have a serious impact on a person’s life. We can provide compounded treatment options for the following conditions
  • Regulating Thyroid - Our compounding services provide customized medication for clients with thyroid irregularities. These formulations include timed-release capsules or specialized
  • Hospice/Palliative Care - At Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc., patient care is especially important to us. Providing the best care possible to our terminally ill patients is a top
  • Ophthalmology - At Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. we have a state of the art sterile compounding facility. We can provide preservative-free formulations, discontinued
  • Pain Management - At Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. we utilize various compounding techniques to manage and improve our patient’s pain. We can provide pain medication in the
  • Pediatrics - No parent likes to see their child sick, but when a child needs medication, we are here to help. Our Pharmacists can help make taking medication more enjoyable
  • Physical Therapy - We can compound medications to compliment a physical therapy regimen. Specialized formulations compatible with iontophoresis or ultrasound technology are
  • Compounding for Sports Medicine - Athletes are susceptible to risk factors that increase their likelihood of an injury. Risk factors may include: Training errors Inappropriate clothing
  • Veterinary - We understand that your pet is an important member of your family. For short courses or daily medication for chronic therapy, we can make treating your pet
  • Wound Care - Wound care can be very challenging for patients and health care providers. Without proper management, even small wounds can become a big problem. We can
  • Menopause - Every woman will experience menopause as part of the natural aging process. At Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. we make medications and offer recommendations
  • Lifestyle Treatment Options - Non-prescription options are available for women going through menopause to ease symptoms and lessen risk of stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, and heart diseases
  • Compounding Treatment Options - Many compounded Bio-Identical Hormone replacement forms are available. We can customize each prescription into the most effective and convenient form depending
  • Long Term Care - Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc. supplies medications to patients in hospice settings, senior care communities, rehabilitation centers, and home health care
  • Employment Opportunities - Lima's Professional Pharmacy seeks a Full-Time Staff Pharmacist Established in 1997, Lima's Professional Pharmacy is an independent retail pharmacy

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  • Chris - ... up to where it cost even more money to cool it back down

    I live in the desert and the last thing you want to do in the summer is to turn on the oven to cook and end up heating the kitchen up to where it cost even more money to cool it back down. This is a good machine, I have cooked frozen foods and you don't have add that much extra time and of course things like chicken and frozen pizza come out great. There is convective hot air that seals the food off. It does things like crescent rolls and things of that nature very well. Cleaning is a bit of a pain which they never really elude to on TV but all in all for what this thing can do its great. It does not heat up the whole kitchen, its pretty fast but not as fast as they say on TV.

  • Mark S. Wilson - Intuit strikes again

    Recently upgraded from QuickBooks Pro 2007. Had no reason or desire to upgrade, Intuit dropped payroll support for 2007 forcing users to upgrade. Software works OK, have had no serious issues with it. My biggest complaints are one it was unnecessary, second every time they force an upgrade they relocate and change the appearance, change settings so that one must basically relearn the system and third the pop-ups trying to constantly suck money out of you are not only annoying but also a tremendous waste of valuable time.