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  • Amazon Customer - Great cup!

    Great cup-I bought it for residency knowing that I would not have time to get to the ice machine often or drink my tea before it cools down. They're not kidding when they say that it is insulated-I love that there is no condensation on the outside even though my water is ice cold. My hot tea also stayed hot when I put my cup in the refrigerator for two hours. My only complaint is that the straw gets extremely gross on the inside. Unfortunately, I was not one of the buyers that received a straw cleaner (I received two lids instead) but honestly would have preferred the cleaner. Within three days of use with just water, it got brown on the inside.

  • Diana L. Lindengrass - Beautiful crystal ornament!

    We collect these beautiful ornaments, so getting them at a good discount is a plus. As beautiful as every year!

  • Amazon Customer - Loved The Talking Flashlight

    This was honest from beginning to end and meant for intelligent, fun ENTERTAINMENT. Doty is as talented as anyone in Hollywood and just needs one door to open with that brass ring inside. Ghosts this week -- Bernie's 1977 trip to the USSR for his next project. Loyd Aurbach was the talking head from that Mensa Club you hear about. He's The Man in psi knowledge. My favorite natural talent of the doc was the beautiful and gifted quirkmeister, Angela. Great job guys! I expect ever higher peaks of quality in your future projects.

  • JLeo - Works as part of a protocol

    Take with natto-serra. When part of a protocol, this works well. The timing is hard because it has to be taken on an empty stomach. I also recommend Yeast Cleanse, Aquaflora and Candida Balance with Colostrum.

  • The Honest Conn Man - Including the Best Book Introduction of Virtually Any Year

    I almost never review a book before I've read all of it. Here, I've read just the introduction by Elizabeth Strout and the first story. I can confidently rate and recommend it already.