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  • HobieSchmobie - Like my Yonanas

    Like my Yonanas. Makes delicious treats...go easy on the berries. I like 'em best with bananas, peaches, apples, pineapple and a little bit of dark chocolate. Simple clean-up takes about a minute then into the dishwasher. 4 stars because you have to freeze the bananas 24 hrs. first.

  • Mr Mouse - Helps Curb Itch...

    Been using this for years for an allergic itch I get on my feet after any weekend of drinking... I know it sounds weird, but it helps curb the itch for me in my situation, so give it a try for yours - whatever it might be...

  • Rebel Flower Girl - Love it!!!

    I love the light natural orange scent, I'm not allergic to it or any of Avalon's products & I have severe allergies!!! I'm a Clinique girl, but I love finding products to rotate w and I love the Vit C!!!

  • Customer - Just Dance 2015

    I agree with other reviewers that 2015 is fun, but the dances and workouts are less rigorous than 2014. It is a little harder to find the customized "Just Sweat" option, but it is there after much searching. I only knew it was there because of reading reviews though! So thanks to previous reviewers at amazon! However, 2015 is still worthwhile to the users who want a new set of songs for a work out! I wish they would develop a customizable Just Sweat option that would go for as long as the choices, rather than capping at 40 minutes.