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  • Sassy Lady - Works Great

    This product is made for babies, but it's also excellent for use on adults who have incontenince. Urine can burn the skin and cause pain and discomfort. This stops the pain and irritation very fast and protects the skin for hours. It is a little hard to use because it is very thick and difficult to get on the fingers for use. But it's worth the inconvenience because it works so well. I bought the 16 oz size because I thought it would last a long time.

  • Very Happy - this is a really nice piece of software

    Hi, this is a really nice piece of software. It's easy to learn and use just watch the video's. Learning curve is not that hard. I was drawing floor plans in 2 days. Then it just exploded into colors, fixtures, porches, roof designs, you name it. All the people that gave this product a 1 or 2 rating couldn't build a house must less design a house plan. They are full of s...t. For 100 bucks this software rocks. I have drawn about 30 plans so far, because my wife doesn't like something on each one, but hey it's no problem I just go back and remove things she's not happy with and add what she wants. After 30 attempts I got what she wants. I am the man and she is happy all for a hundred bucks, and the house we both want.

  • Thomas DeRitis - great deal better than the entertainment book

    I buy this book whenever I go to Las Vegas and I go at least once a year. It saves you a lot of money on food and if you do not have slot cards from the Las Vegas casinos you can gamble free just by going to the casino use the coupon and move on to the next casino. Two problems is that the offers for Las Vegas keep getting less and less and you need a car to get to most of the casinos offered. Very few of them are on the strip. Several are downtown. There is hardly nothing for Atlantic City and nothing for Pennsylvania , Maryland, Delaware and New York I am not sure about Conn. I use to get the entertainment book for Las Vegas but this book is more useful and has better deals for Las Vegas

  • Leon - Best FTM program to date.

    Love it. I bought FTM 14 Not the version 11. It is the best program to date and I've bought many of the upgrades. Keep up the good work Family Tree Maker!

  • Mark & Phoebe - Very absorbent! Great Towel.

    I’m a sweater. I always have been and I hate it. And when I say I sweat, I mean jogging for 30 minutes leaves my hair wet, sweat dripping off my face, arms, and legs. So, finding a good sports towel has been quite nice. I must say, this one feels incredibly soft, almost like velvet. When I used it for the first time I was thoroughly impressed at how quickly it absorbed the sweat. I don’t like using towels that require you to rub the sweat and then just end up smearing it all over even more. With this towel, there was no swiping it further across my face or arms. It simply absorbed it almost immediately with minimal patting. I was impressed.

  • Herb Depke - Maybe the Truth hurts, but it is still the Truth

    As usual, Klein clearly states the facts. To be a informed voter you must read this book. You owe it to yourself.

  • JPico - Though they are great comedians on their own there is No Chemistry between ...

    Though they are great comedians on their own there is No Chemistry between the Actresses. Also all the good scenes are in the trailers.