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  • C. Hartfield - Really works

    This is the only product I have ever used that actually removes the odor of cat urine. It really does work. I have used it exclusively for 2 years now for a beloved cat that started misbehaving at age 13. Thanks to this product, I did not have to get rid of my cat. I recommend a heavy duty UV light source for finding sources of urine to go along with this product (not the little hand held tube ones commonly available at pet stores or sold with pet odor solutions). I purchased one also on Amazon: Streamlight Twin-Task 3C 9 Inch UV Flashlight, Black #51010. The only thing that could improve my quality of life above these 2 products is if my cat were to actually start behaving, so I don't have to resort to finding and cleaning up his mess!!

  • Alicia - It feels good to be lonely 🔥

    With Gaga Ive never expected anything. Actually will all music I never expect anything except new music.

  • thunder1202 - While I like the shampoo itself

    While I like the shampoo itself, the bottle it comes in is terrible. The pump stopped working after a week of use. I took it out and tried to fix it to no avail, and then had to use the shampoo by pouring it out and of course it then finished too quickly! Buyer beware!

  • WillfullyDamned - Finale MakeMusic, the ultimate abomination- shame on all of those working for MakeMusic

    This program gave me aids, ebola, and cancer. It is quite possibly the most buggy program ever released and Finale is robbing all of us for hundreds of dollars. The program is built on a corrupt foundation...some bugs have been around for over a decade and have never been addressed. If you like headaches and/or hate yourself by all means, give this program a try.

  • Serrated blades???? - Serrated blades????

    I hate these knives!!! I'm currently looking for a replacement set. I was excited when I first got them...with a name like Henkels and the ever sharp "everedge" blade, how could I go wrong? Believe me, you don't want the "everedge" blade unless you like ripping everything. That's pretty much what your doing with these knives, sawing everything instead of slicing or cutting. For delicate things (i.e. cutting sashimi) it just won't do!!! Serrated fine for some purposes (i.e. bread knife), you just don't want it on every knife.

  • Michael Hebert - Quicken H&B 2013

    As Intuit always does, they make you upgrade. I was happy with 2010 and got used to some of the pop-up annoyances. With 2013, different pop-ups and new annoyances. Key strokes changed in register entries. Tried the support, one word for them, useless. One of the answers I received was, "to clear the error screen, click OK or Cancel". Now that was just funny. Overall, the product is still the standard for banking institutions, so not much other choice.

  • Jose garcia - Ehhhhhh!

    Not bad floor liners. The mats could fit a little more sun. When i received this product the back mat was folded in a box. Which cause it to distort the shape. Over time though im sure it will go back to normal. Also i was misiing the cap that you put over the hooks on the floor. Box was beaten up to when i received it. If i were to biy more weather techs mats i would just buy them from the weather tech website.