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  • Mrs. R. - Raven Treat in Halloween Treats

    Jack and Raven's story was great especially the lengths he went to get her. It was funny how he used his nephew to be his go between. I really enjoyed this short story for Halloween.

  • Frank Appraisal - Leading Edge Technology - purchased several as gifts

    Cozmo mesmerized the gift recipients! This robot will unquestionably become a staple in schools, colleges, and engineering classes as a tool to teach programming and robotics. Ideal for young children (3 and up) under adult supervision and programmers who want to experiment with Anki's SDK using the Python or other languages. High volume data communications between Cozmo and the linked-up smart device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) necessitates the Wi-Fi connection, rather than the slower Bluetooth connection. As is also typical with any Real Live Pet, some adults may eventually loose interest in the robot...but future software upgrades promise new features.

  • Stefanie Bowen - Absolutely riveting and factual. Ed has a repuatation of ...

    Absolutely riveting and factual. Ed has a repuatation of reporting from deep inside the Washington elites and he exposes the nasty history of the Clinton's and their 'in the gutter' politics. All Americans should read this book prior to casting their vote for POTUS.

  • Garnet Back Together - Effective Treatment for Alcohol and Sugar Cravings

    I took this to help me quit drinking alcohol. Cravings for alcohol can be caused by bacteria or yeasts that feed on sugars. Alcohol is like a super-sugar, and this explains why so many recovering alcoholics start eating sugary foods. Goldenseal kills the bugs that make you want sugar. It's powerful. I felt a difference within a few hours, and I don't crave sugar at all. As part of a regimen that included other herbs like Valerian, Kudzu, and Dandelion, I have been sober for two months and haven't struggled nearly as much as I had in the past. I'm very grateful to have learned about this herb, and this brand in particular is potent.

  • Mary Eschenlohr - Super good

    5 stars because whenever i lay in my bed and i cant sleep, i start reading Archie Comic. Brovo Archie