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  • wheent - Great for the grandchildren!!!

    Bought 2 for the grandson's. Both trucks work great and the grandson's age 3 and 4 love it. They do not leave the house without taking the trucks with them.. Time to start collecting all..

  • donbo - Asus does it again

    I like it much better than my rampage 3 extreme. It seems more stable and overclocks with ease. With the m.2 slot and a SM951 it screams.

  • Albinomex ~ Jeni's Bookshelf - Great case that does it's job well!

    This was purchased for my teen's new Kindle Fire after a few failed purchases. I'm actually glad the others did not work out, because this one was a winner! It has protected her Kindle well, & it was a great price! We also liked all of the color choices available.

  • Happy Buyer - This really works!!

    I've been taking this product for exactly 1 month now and it really works! My bloating went away to the point my tummy is flat. I don't remember when is the last time I had a flat tummy. I also have completely stopped craving sugar, it's such a weird feeling. My coworker had some chocolate on her desk for anyone to take and I didn't even want any, which has never happened. I just walked by and didn't touch the chocolate. I noticed that I've also lost weight. For months, my weight was stuck on the same number on the scale. And taking Three Lac is the only thing I've changed in my life. I woke up this morning and weighed myself to see that I was down 2 lbs!! I am so incredibly pleased with the results, which are better than I expected. I had all these symptoms, bloating, weight gain, sugar cravings, irritability, mind foginess, and gradually all of these are disappearing. I also feel so much better overall. I no longer have that uncomfortable feeling of fullness as soon as I eat anything. I leave the table now as comfortable than as when I first sat down. My facial acne has also dwindled to nothing, and I didn't realize it until today. My entire body feels healthier, which means that this stuff is working! I am feeling much better overall and it shows by how happy my body is. ThreeLac,you have made me a believer!!

  • Ashley xo - Yummy

    Awesome salsa with just a little kick. This was awesome and it lasted me forever. I still have some in the fridge after eating 4 large bags of Tostitos with it'

  • Sistertex - Okay, but nothing fancy.

    A little weak in the overall, but something to get you going if you have been putting this daunting task off. Nothing fancy, but then if you don't need 'fancy' this should work fine for you. Pretty easy to use. For somethings you will still need to seek legal advice.