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  • Chadman - Great Stroller--Terrible Service from Manufacturer

    This is an awesome stroller. Perhaps the best out there. It is light, easy to roll, braking mechanism is great, the design is essentially perfect. The problem is the Baby Jogger has discontinued manufacturing of this item and they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS in obtaining replacement parts for this item.

  • michael - Incredible Microfiber Towel

    This is a really nice Microfiber towel from Sport2People.I have a few microfiber towels that I have collected over the last month or 2 and they are all really good at soaking up water but they do tend to stick to your body if you are trying to rub yourself dry like you would with a regular cotton towel.This Best Sports Towel will slide across your body like a cotton towel and it practically sucks the water off of your skin.I love the customer service from Sport2People as well,they e-mailed me and sent very detailed instructions for using the towel and I thought that was really cool since it seems a lot of the time you can't find a representative if you need them.I really appreciated the e-mail because I wouldn't have had any idea about pre-soaking this towel for 10 minutes in warm water prior to washing it and you are supposed to soak it and wash it before you use it the first time.This towel comes a really nice net bag to store it in and have it for travel.This towel will fool you just a bit because it really doesn't feel like a microfiber towel at all ( it is really plush feeling ) and it is really nice looking as well.I ordered the purple towel and I love the way it looks with the different colored stitching around the perimeter of the towel.I honestly think this is one of if not the best sport towel out there comparing it to the few I have ( again,I love all microfiber towels but this one is just not the regular microfiber material ) and I would highly recommend this towel to anybody who is looking for a super absorbent towel for the gym or just to dry off with.I did receive this Best Sports Towel by Sport2People at a discounted price in exchange for my using the towel and then writing an honest and unbiased review of how I feel the product worked.The product is Amazing ! This is a 5 star product and it's being offered at a 5 star price.