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  • Erin Kays - Good stuff

    I am halfway through the 16 oz jar. Baby has never had a hint of a rash. It is thick and creamy and keeps her skin dry.

  • J. M. Verba - Amazing how your Dad has superpowers!

    I didn't realize it until I read this book, but my parents (Dad and Mom) had superpowers, too! I'm sure that children will find it equally entertaining, and realize that their parents have a lot of superpowers that they hadn't even noticed. It made me see Mom and Dad from an entirely new perspective, and children can, as well.

  • moonlightmiles - Portrait of the Artist as a Careerist

    Carlin is a literary writer with a knack for a good turn of phrase and it's clear he's done his homework and that the music is important to him. While associated with Graceland, and that title's implied journey to a state of grace, it becomes clear that Simon himself shifts from magnanimous gifts to open kleptomania and petty careerism, sensitivity to obtuseness, and other head-scratching whipsaws that suggest something perhaps quite different from grace. A complex and ambiguous portrait of a complex and ambiguous subject whose talent and obsession produced one the finest catalouges in pop history. The judgments (and diagnoses) are up to the reader to make. (Recommend pairing with the Born At The Right Time documentary from the early 90's, if you can find a copy.)

  • hollydlteacher - Nice Quality of Stickers

    I am so excited for these. I have the 2015 Sticker book and these are the ones that go in it. The collection contains 10 packs of 7 stickers so you get 70 great NFL stickers with various players. Our stickers varied and we had a few duplicates but it was fun to add them to our book. The stickers themselves are nicely made and not so thin and cheap that they tear easy. The stickers paired with the book would make the perfect gift for a sports fan. My husband even enjoyed the stickers and looking at the players. He said it got him ready for the season! I received these at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.