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  • Clifton Haney - EA remains indifferent to its customers.

    The launch server issues are simply a slap in the face. Scalable internet architecture is prevalent, and easily accessible. Amazon and countless others offer cloud computing that is designed for just these situations, and yet EA can't even be bothered to invest in it for a flagship title. The game might be fun, but unfortunately many of us still have no idea. I've spent three times as much time trying to play the game as I've actually played it. The "always online" requirements are simply DRM, nothing more. EA's claims of "advanced cloud computing" are ludicrous, as the game

  • Tera - Great product. Leaves your face feeling squeaky clean

    Great product. Leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. This product is ideal for removing fungus from the face that can cause acne. It comes in a convenient size for facial cleansing.

  • ironm4nx - Solid straight forward response to the 1 star reviews

    I have ordered products before however, if you read carefully, these clothes are from countries of small people, you must get 1 to 2 sizes larger than what you currently purchase. It takes a while because it's from the other side of the world, and at these prices something's are not gonna be 100%

  • Tim C. - Good...but...

    I am really starting to hate these "Book1" type of series. The only author that made each book a standalone and left you wanting more is Elizabeth Hunter. While this was a nice story, it is totally setup to try and get you to buy the rest of the series. The finish is totally unsatisfactory as written.

  • M. H. Self - Perfectly Priced

    My hair dresser always uses this on my hair, and my hair always looks amazing... but the price int he salon was $48.... finding the exact brand and size for pennies compared to the Salon Price is worth it! You dont need much, but this oil keeps the frizzy fly aways at bay even on the most HUMID days!!!!

  • Kris - Take an adventure to Italy to find love with Georgie

    A Place in the Sun delivers just what you would expect from an R.S. Grey book, a large dose of comedy with a side of romance and a bit of everything in between.

  • Amazon Customer - Early Days

    Purchased this motherboard as as soon as it was available. Paired it with an Intel 5960X, 32GB (4X8) of G Skill 3000MHZ DDR4 RAM, 1TB Samsung EVO SSD, 4TB WD Black HDD, XFX R9 295X2 GPU, Corsair AX1500i PSU in a custom liquid cooled Corsair 900D case. The motherboard is beautiful and assembly and OS (Windows 7 PROF 64 bit) installation were without incident. Everything worked great at BIOS 603 defaults. When I enabled the XMP profile for the RAM the problems started. First try after rebooting resulted in a BSOD. Solved that problem by manually adjusting the DRAM voltage to 1.35V. Any attempt to overclock the CPU with the XMP profile enabled results in a freeze or BSOD in Windows. No amount of tweaking has solved this problem. To add insult to injury the XFX 295X2 had to be RMA'd because of a stuttering/flicker problem. The replacement card is also defective. So I'm stuck at this point with a mildly overclocked CPU and stock 2133 RAM, or a stock CPU and 3000 MHZ RAM. I'm hoping that these problems are the result of an immature BIOS and/or firmware/drivers. FYI the new Catalyst 14.9 WHQL drivers from AMD did not resolve the video card problems. At this point I'm going to chill and wait for a more mature BIOS and/or drivers.